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On the path to "Discovery"...

In the summer of 2012 I did an internship at Discovery Communications. It was extremely useful in terms of learning both about the industry and the company. However, as I think the journey there was just as important I will start at the beginning.

Deciding on the Media Industry

I joined the MBA programme with a financial services background and determination to try something new. This was quite broad so initially I focused on exploring. What helped me discover the media industry as a target was a presentation organized by the Media & the Industry Club, “What is Media?” Until the end of the first term I considered different options but from the beginning of the second I focused my energy completely on the media sector.

Looking for an internship

I wanted to find a business development position in a media company so that I would leverage my financial skills and improve my strategic knowledge and thinking. From January on my involvement in the Media club intensified. I attended all the events, networked and organized events. I reached out to people. Despite the efforts until the end of April I still had not found the internship I wanted. The internship position at Discovery, Emerging Markets MBA Intern, was posted on the 27 th of April. The proposed projects were: Free-to-air television prospects in Turkey , Middle East and Africa Acquisition analysis Digital platform development in Russia New Media syndication development in Russia and CIS
This summer, I have spent 10 weeks at Endemol Sport. This is a division within the established Endemol Group and in its short 18 month history has grown considerably. The division specialises in: Sports Entertainment Formats High End Film Making Rights sales and Programme Distribution Channel Creation Live Event Broadcasts/Highlights/Studio & Magazine Shows Events & Tournaments Digital

I have been doing what you might loosely call strategic consultancy. Which in real terms has meant doing whatever needs doing and/or whatever no-one (including the team PA) can’t face doing themselves.

My typical tasks have involved: ·       Making and implementing marketing plans for formats ·       Writing division creds document ·       Writing pitch proposals ·       Developing Group marketing materials ·       Proposal research
This summer, I moved back across the pond for an internship at PBS in Washington, D.C. For those unfamiliar, Public Broadcasting Service is the US version of the BBC. It's the company that first brought Sesame Street to television, making it an ideal place for me to really dive into the media world. From day 1 of the MBA, I've been interested in children's media, a pretty focused niche, but one that I'm determined to pursue. This position provided me with the perfect opportunity to do just that. 

Over the past 10 weeks, I've been working with the PBS Children's Media matrix team, a cross-functional team composed of employees who work on children’s content across various departments - programming, interactive, brand, education, finance, legal, distribution, etc. They're the ones responsible for developing the programs you watch on broadcast along with the games you play online and other interactive content. They're the ones who create marketing campaigns and educational tools to support those programs, and they're the ones who make sure that everything's funded and compliant with US guidelines. Specifically, my project focused on a current children's content licensing partnership that's at a turning point in its development. My task was to research and analyze this partnership in order to make strategic recommendations on its continuation. What made this project really interesting is that it touched so many different areas of the business and gave me the opportunity to observe first-hand how things across the organization come together. Overall, it's been a great learning experience. Not only did I get a crash course in public and cable broadcasting, new methods of distribution and media licensing, amongst others, I got to meet a bunch of great people who are all passionate about the same things as I. 
I can hardly believe that my time at MTVNE is almost over...briefly summarizing my experience there:

My Background: Software engineering in video games industry. Team Lead. Still passionate about games, but interested in exploring media. Definitely know that I will be staying within the entertainment industry. Also trying to figure out what function suits me.

Role: Strategy Consultant

Projects: Strategic planning for Digital Media, Nickelodeon in the Emerging Markets (Eastern Europe, Africa), business in Russia

Best Part of My Job: It's MTV :o) This is the first business function I've ever had, and it was great to apply pretty much everything I've learnt during the first year, and then some. After the initial adjustment period, everything just came together/'clicked' and I found myself becoming even more and more interested in what I was doing. I picked up a lot of skills, learnt alot about media, gained experience with emerging markets, became aware of how things work across lots of different industries...what more could I ask for? It was the perfect placement for combined pretty much everything I had been looking for :) I sooo lucked out.