Student-led Conferences

Our students organise high-level conferences recognised as leading conferences in London and Europe.  Our conferences provide opportunities to debate, network and share ideas with students, alumni, faculty and professionals and hear from world leaders, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, policy makers and governmental leaders. 

  • In the academic year, 2013-14, we are expecting over 20 outstanding conferences to take place at venues across London. Please see below for more information. 
  • In 2012-13 there were 20 student-led conferences. Please see highlights below.  

Many of our conferences are filmed and photographed.  Please check out our youtube channel and flickr channel.

Please contact Sunita Sidhu if you are interested in speaking at or sponsoring any London Business School student-led conference.

Conferences 2013-2014

October - December 2013 January - March 2014 April - May 2014

1 November: China Business Forum

9 November: Out in Business EUROut Conference

29 November: Global Energy Summit

2 December: Global Healthcare Conference

17 January: Asia Business Forum

21 February: Entrepreneurship Conference

28 February: Tech Media Summit

1 March: Latin America Business Forum

7 March: Private Equity Conference

13 March: India Business Forum

14 March: Women in Business Conference

4th April: Asset Management Conference


25 April: TEDxLBS

26 April: Africa Business Summit

29 April: E-commerce Conference


13 May: Real Estate Conference

15 May: Global Sports Symposium

23 May: Corporate Sustainability Conference

30 May: Middle East Conference




















Autumn term

Friday 1st November             China Business Forum

‘China Dream - Inspiring a New Generation’


Venue: RCOG & London Business School

Since it was first mentioned by President XI Jinping during a public address, the phrase the “China Dream” has been interpreted in many different ways by the world. However, the evolving aspirations of 1.3 billion people fuelled by the dynamic changes of the China growth story goes far deeper. China Business Forum 2013 will bring together business and thought leaders from both China and UK/Europe to explore how the changing Chinese market alters the business landscape and creates new opportunities.

Content from China Business Forum


Saturday, 9th November     EurOUT Conference 

‘Authenticity and Success’


Venue: London Business School

EurOUT is the premier conference for lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender (LGBT) MBA students and alumni from European schools. We aim to create a venue for talented LGBT students, alumni, thought leaders, and employers from a variety of industries to connect and share ideas relevant to the LGBT business community. Inspired by the success of Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA), a large and established conference for LGBT MBA students primarily from the United States, students from the London Business School organized a first EurOUT conference in 2010. EurOUT 2013 will be the third edition of the conference. For current students, the conference is a unique opportunity to network with other business students, successful LGBT alumni, and business people, and to gain an insight into how different industries and firms address LGBT issues. For employers, this conference provides an excellent opportunity to publicly signal their support for LGBT diversity and inclusion and to meet with talented students from top European business schools.

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Friday 29th November           Global Energy Summit (full day)

‘Energy frontiers: pushing beyond current boundaries’


Venue: Church House, Westminster

With our insatiable appetite for energy, what frontiers are we currently pushing into in our quest for energy security? The Global Energy Summit is a high-profile forum for debating the major issues, of today and tomorrow, facing the global energy sector. This year the summit focuses on how we continue to cross frontier boundaries through advances in technology, changes in geopolitics and economics in both the oil & gas and alternatives sectors. The summit will feature three keynote speakers and two interactive panel discussions,  forming a diverse public arena for the debate of current trends, challenges and opportunities in the energy space. Year after year, the event attracts a rich variety of industry professionals, advisors, recruiters, media and policy makers, as well as enthusiastic business school students and academic thought-leaders. The conference is also covered by national media and press including the Financial Times and Thomson Reuters.

Content from the Global Energy Summit


Monday 2nd December         Global Healthcare Conference (evening)

‘Innovation in Healthcare’


Venue: Church House, Westminster

The 6th Annual Global Healthcare Conference will focus on ‘Innovation in Healthcare’. The keynote address will be delivered by Joe Jimenez, CEO of Novartis and Rt. Hon David Willets, Minister of State for Universities and Life Sciences will deliver the closing remarks. Panel discussions will focus on 'Unlocking Innovation: Models that balance discovery and cost' and 'Collaborating on innovation: Thinking outside the box'. Panellists will include leading voices from the Pharma/biotech, Healthcare delivery, Policy, VC and consulting industries.


Spring term

Friday, 17th January              Asia Business Forum

'Navigating the New Asian Era'


Venue: RCOG, London

The Forum is currently in its 9th year and will consist of keynote speeches and panel topics that include Asia in the dawn of the global economic recovery and the changing trend of Asian investing.

It’s no secret that the world’s centre of gravity has been gradually shifting eastwards for some time now with Asia accounting for half of the world’s GDP growth over the last 10 years.

  • What are the key growth drivers for the Asia market in the context of the recovering global economy?
  • How will the recent trend of increasing Asian outbound M&A activty impact domestic and global economies?
  • What does the Asia brand mean to the global market?

These and other key topics for understanding the New Asian Era will be addressed by our keynote speakers and panellists during Asia Business Forum 2014. Keynote speaker: Director and Chairman of McKinsey Asia, Gordon Orr.


Friday 21st February             Entrepreneurship Conference

 ‘Entrepreneurship – A Change for the Better’


Venue: Bloomberg, London

The 16th Entrepreneurship Conference is London Business School's flagship event for all those engaged in or intrigued by entrepreneurship. The Conference attracts a rich variety of entrepreneurs, VCs and investors - as well as business school students and thought leading academics and practitioners. This year's theme, 'Entrepreneurship: A Change For The Better', focuses on the challenges of building a business, especially in an increasingly globalising environment.


Friday 28th February             Technology Media Summit (full day)

'Brave New World'


Venue: Bloomberg, London

The Tech Media Summit is an annual event that brings together over 300 industry leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and students from across Europe to explore trends and cutting edge thinking in technology and media.



Saturday 1st March                        Latin America Business Forum (full day)

'Leadership and Innovation to Succeed in Times of Change'


Venue: RCOG, London

This event is a unique opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities of doing business in or with Latin America, as well as network with attendees and speakers.
This year’s lineup includes:
- Pedro Passos, Co-founder of Natura
- José Alberto Velez, CEO of Grupo Argos S.A.
- Fabián Gerardo Gosselin, CEO Alsea S.A.B.
- Luis Fernando Andrade, CEO of Agencia Nacional de Infraestructura (Colombia)
- George Gray Molina, Chief Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean, UNDP New York

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Friday, 7th March        Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference

'Embracing Change: Evolving Strategies to Capture Value and Drive Growth'


Venue: Church House, Westminster

Hosted by the London Business School Private Equity & Venture Capital Club, this flagship event attracts a rich variety of industry professionals from GPs to LPs, advisors, recruiters, media, as well as enthusiastic business school students and academic thought leaders, forming a diverse public arena for debate of current trends, challenges and opportunities in the private equity and venture capital space. This year’s conference theme examines the strategies industry players are using to stay competitive and generate returns in the current cycle. Keynote Speakers: Andrea C. Bonomi Founder and Senior Principal at Investindustrial & Joseph C. Schull Managing Director and Head of Europe at Warburg Pincus.


Friday 13th March                            India Business Forum (afternoon)

'Is India still relevant?'

Venue: Chruch House, Westminster

India now has a slowing economy, with GDP growth at just 6% over the past 2 years, rising inflation, growing trade and fiscal deficits and a currency that’s depreciating. It is home to the world’s largest illiterate population and the largest population without access to sanitation facilities.
Has the world’s largest democracy lost its shine? Is it really ready to take a seat at the high table?
The 12th Annual India Business Forum will bring together leading businessmen, policy makers, and academics to discuss India’s problems and prospects for Indian business, the role of the governments in facilitating these. The forum will provide an opportunity for thought and business leaders to engage on tangible ways forward, and form the basis for on-going dialogue.


Friday 14th March                  Women in Business Conference (full day)

 ‘Sprints & Marathons: Your Sustainable Career’


Venue: Bloomberg, London

Now in its 14th year, the LBS Women in Business Conference is widely recognised as the leading European women conference. At this full-day conference, attendees hear from inspirational, thought provoking speakers and panellists, and network with over 300 students, alumni and business leaders from all over the world. It is a powerful forum for women and men to learn from, share with, and inspire one another. Most importantly, it showcases real women behind real success stories. The 2014 Women in Business Conference will be centred on the topic of sustainability and will address how women can build and manage a sustainable career, family life, personal brand, etc. and become a more effective, sustainable leader in a changing business environment.



Friday, 4th April                          Asset Management Conference

'Contrarian Investments in a Liquidity Fuelled Market' 


Venue: Gibson Hall, London

The current market climate has been largely driven by highly accommodative central banks, lowering risk premiums and raising asset prices globally. Where do investors currently look for long-term value and can contrarian strategies be successful in this liquidity fuelled environment? Will successful post-crisis strategies continue to outperform or is the current cycle running out of steam? How do money managers protect themselves from an eventual downturn in global capital markets? This years asset management conference seeks to provide insight to these important questions.


Summer term


Friday 25th April                    TEDxLondon Business School



Venue: Royal Geographical Society, London

Arthur C. Clarke famously observed that advanced technology is "indistinguishable from magic”. He also said that the only way to discover the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them, into the impossible.

Beyond technology, there is the magic that leaves us in states of marvel, such as in a work of art, a groundbreaking scientific discovery or a new business venture. And then there is the simple magic of humanity, when we witness individuals and groups who spark awe-inspiring change of not just people, but of entire societies and value systems.

TEDxLondonBusinessSchool 2014 is going to take you on a journey of discovering the impossible and unmasking all aspects of magic. Our full day of talks will look at the past, present and future of innovation in technology, business, media, music, science and more!

Join us at TEDxLBS 2014, where we will bring together some of the most adventurous, innovative and imaginative thinkers, makers and doers out there to uncover, explore and push the limits of the impossible and share new ideas on magic, in all its forms.

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Saturday 26th April                Africa Business Summit (full day)

'Beyond the Hype: The Not-for-Tourists Guide to Investing in Africa'


Venue: RCOG, London

The event features a fantastic line up of distinguished Keynote Speakers from North, South, East and West Africa. It provides the ultimate networking and learning opportunity for students and professionals focused on business in Africa, spread across pre-conference activities, the Saturday Summit, and our first ever gala dinner finale introduced by popular demand.

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Tuesday 29th April  E-commerce Conference (evening)

‘Achieving Digital Excellence in Retail’


Venue: Royal College of Physicians, London

We are very excited about our line up of speakers including:


•   Simon Belsham, Managing Director at

•   Laura Wade-Gery, Executive Director of Multichannel at M&S

•   Martin Newman, CEO at Practicology

•   Anita Balchandani, Partner at OC&C

•   Niels Tolsen, CEO & Co-Founder at

•   Vincent Belloc, Commercial Director at PayPal

•   Manish Gajria, Director of eCommerce at Expedia

•   Nick Heller, New Business Development Head at Google

•   Tracy Yaverbaun, Group Director of Luxury & Fashion at Facebook

•   Thibault Villet, CEO at

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Tuesday 13th May                        Real Estate Conference (evening)

Venue: RCOG

On behalf of the London Business School Real Estate Club, we are delighted to invite you to the LBS 2014 Real Estate Conference. This year's conference will include focused discussions on the impact of technological advancements on the Real Estate industry and the emergence of alternative real estate classes in the UK and Europe.

The conference is being held in support of LandAid, a charity that works to improve the lives of children in the UK experiencing economic or social disadvantages. We are honored to have a distinguished group of confirmed speakers and presenters:

  • Sir Andrew Likierman - Dean of the London Business School
  • Sir John Ritblat - Honorary President and former Chairman and CEO, British Land
  • Jackie Sadek - Chief Executive, UK Regeneration
  • Alex Price - CEO, Palmer Capital
  • Jenny Buck - Head of Property, Tesco Pension Fund
  • John Yeend - Senior Director, LaSalle Investment Management
  • Damien Smith - Principal, The Townsend Group
  • Bill Hughes - Managing Director, Legal & General
  • Peter Miller - COO, Westfield

Each year our conference attracts more than 200 industry professionals. We believe that this year's conference will offer delegates a great chance to listen to innovative ideas, build new relationships and potentially identify new business opportunities.

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Thursday, 15th May                 Global Sports Symposium (full day)


Venue: Emirates Stadium, London

What you can expect:

  • Top industry leaders across leagues and clubs (including the English Premier League, National Football League, Rugby Football Union, National Basketball League, and more)
  • Top industry leaders across sports sponsors and agencies
  • Unrivaled knowledge of the sports business industry
  • Opportunities to network and meet sports business experts and recruiters
  • Career support through the "Supercharge Your Career in Sport" workshop, a chance to talk directly with and have your questions answered by young professionals across a breadth of industries within sport
  • Free breakfast and lunch!.

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Friday 23rd May                     Corporate Sustainability

Venue: TBC

Student contact: Todd Lafountaine



Friday 30th May                         Middle East Conference

'Bridging the Gap in the Middle East'


Venue: The Landmark Hotel, London

The Middle East Conference is an opportunity for delegates to engage in high-profile intellectual exchange and network amongst the Middle East’s key decision makers. Attendees will be inspired by the region’s leading CEO’s, entrepreneurs, financiers and innovators through keynote speeches and discussion panels. The theme of the 2014 Middle East Conference is “Bridging the Gap in the Middle East”. Speakers at previous Middle East Conferences include: Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan and His Excellency Fouad Siniora, Former Prime Minister of Lebanon.

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2012-13 Student-led Conferences

Oct - December 2012 Jan - April 2013 May - July 2013
10 Nov: China Business Forum
12 Nov: Global Healthcare Summit
30 Nov: Global Energy Summit
1 March: Women in Business Conference
8 March: Tech Media Summit
15 March:Private Equity VC Conference
17 April: Retail & Luxury Goods Conference
19 April: Asset Management Conference
20 April: Africa Day
26 April: TEDxLBS
27 April: Asia Business Forum

2 May: Art Investment Conference
3 May: Real Estate Conference
15 May: Sports Business Conference
17 May: Middle East Day
24 May: Entrepreneurship Conference
24 May: Family Business Night
30 May: Latin America Business Forum













Saturday 10 November: China Business Forum (full day conference)
Venue: RCOG & London Business School
‘Chinese Innovation & European Opportunities’
In recent years, even during the current global economic turmoil, China has never stopped impressing the rest of the world. China is recognised for innovation and Chinese entrepreneurs have achieved breakthroughs not only in traditional industries, but also in new areas such as mobile Internet, e-commerce, financial services and social media.  The China Club launches its inaugural China Business Forum on Saturday 1 November to bring together Chinese and European business leaders; to strengthen economic ties between China and Europe; and, ultimately, to create value for both the Chinese and European business communities. 

  • Speakers include:  HE Liu Xiaoming, Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom; Mr Wang Shi, Chairman, Vanke Co., Ltd, Mr Rong Yonglin, Chairman of the Board, Tongfang Co., Ltd., Mr Savio Kwan, MSc09 (1976), Non-Executive Director, Alibaba; Mr Rene Aubertin, CEO of Europe, Haier Group. 
  • Panel sessions include: PE/VC and overseas M&A, Innovation & sustainable growth, brand asset management.

Twitter:@LBS_Chinaclub, #CBF2012



Monday 12 November: Global Healthcare Conference (evening conference)
Venue: Royal College of Physicians
‘Towards a future of innovation in health’
The 5th annual London Business School Global Healthcare Conference will focus on ‘Towards a future of innovation in health’ and will welcome keynote speakers: Alex Gorsky, CEO of Johnson & Johnson and Lord Howe, Under-Secretary of State, Department of Health.   Panel discussions will be: ‘The Future of Health Care: Underlying Drivers and Pressures’ and ‘Innovation in Health Care’.  Panellists include: Andrew Jack, Pharmaceutical correspondent, Financial Times; Steven Dyson, Senior Partner, Healthcare Practice, Apax Partners; Sir Mark Walport, Director, Wellcome Trust.

Twitter: @LBS_HealthcareClub #LBS_ghcc2012


Friday 30 November: Global Energy Summit (full day conference)
Venue: Willis Building, City of London
‘Energy Efficiency, Technology, and Innovation in Meeting the Global Energy Challenge’
With rising demand, increasing scarcity of hydrocarbons and an escalating urgency to address climate issues, how can we continue to solve the global energy equation into the future? How can we continue to keep the lights on, and the iPhones charged? Can complex, innovative energy projects be financed in the current market conditions? How will the politics of energy exploration and climate change effect future markets? These, and many other issues, will be addressed at the 9th Annual Global Energy Summit.  This year’s summit will feature four keynote speakers and two interactive panel discussions, and will draw over 350 participants, forming a diverse public arena for the debate of current trends, challenges and opportunities in the energy space. Year after year, the event attracts a rich variety of industry professionals, advisors, recruiters, media and policy makers, as well as enthusiastic business school students and academic thought-leaders.

  • Speakers include: Dr. Ivan Marten , Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group; Philip Lowe, MSc04 (1971), Director General of Energy DG, European Commission. 
  • Panel Sessions include:Aligning the Public and Private Sectors towards a Sustainable Energy Future; US Shale Gas Revolution and its Implications

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1 March: Women in Business Conference (full day conference)
Venue: Bloomberg Auditorium
'Navigating the Channels of Change'
The Women in Business Conference, now in its 13th year, is widely recognised as a leading women's conference in Europe, attracting hundreds of attendees, including students, alumni and professionals from London and around the world. It addresses the next generation of high-potential women to help them succeed as managers, leaders and visionaries. Exploring “the channels of change", we give you the unique opportunity to hear from some truly inspiring speakers, including:


  • Sally Tennant, CEO of Kleinwort Benson; Gillian Channer, Senior Director of Business Operations, Oracle; Nuala McGovern, Presenter, BBC World Service; Demetra Pinsent, CEO of a beauty start-up and ex-McKinsey Partner ; Caroline Rush, Chief Executive of the British Fashion Council; Professsor Lynda Gratton, Author of The Shift; Sophie Turner-Laing, Managing Director, Entertainment, News and Broadcast Operations, Sky

Joining them will be other exceptional women from The Boston Consulting Group, Deutsche Bank, Deloitte and more. The conference also offers the chance to network with peers across corporate sectors and leading European business schools. Most importantly, it showcases real women behind real success stories.


Twitter:@WIB_Conference #LBSWiB2013


8 March: Tech Media Summit (full day conference)
Venue: Bloomberg Auditorium
The London Business School Tech & Media Summit is an annual conference that explores the impact that technology and media has on each of us today.  This year's conference will look at future trends, particularly on the creation and distribution of digital content.  The event will take place on 8 March 2013 at the Bloomberg Centre in London, and will feature two keynote speakers:

  • Joanna Shields, the CEO of the UK’s Tech City Investment Organization, as well as the former MD of EMEA at Facebook and
  • Mike Bracken, the UK government’s Director of Digital and former Head of Digital at The Guardian.
  • Tony Wang, General Manager, Twitter UK

Panellists involved in the previous event included experts from Spotify, WPP, Virgin Media, Warner Music, The Economist, Google and Seedcamp.

Twitter: @lbstechmedia #lbstms2013

15 March: Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference (full day conference)
Venue: Church House
'Navigating Challenging Times: Identifying Pockets of Growth and Driving Returns in an Uncertain Environment'
We are pleased to announce London Business School’s 9th Annual PEVC Conference will be held on 15 March 2013 at the Church House Conference Centre Westminster in London. This year’s theme examines the strategies industry players are using to stay competitive and generate returns in the current cycle.  

  • Keynote speakers include: Kurt Björklund (Co-Managing Partner, Permira);Arif Naqvi (Founder and Group CEO, Abraaj Capital) and Niklas Zennström (CEO and Founder, Atomico)
  • Panel discussions will focus on investing in emerging and growth markets, buyouts in Europe, LP perspectives and other pertinent industry topics and will feature prominent panellists from: 3i, Actis, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, The Carlyle Group, General Atlantic, GSO Capital Partners Terra Firma, TPG, Warburg Pincus.


17 April: Retail & Luxury Goods Club e-commerce Conference
Venue: RCOG
'e-commerce Today and Tomorrow: trends, innovations and challenges'
The Retail & Luxury Goods Club is delighted to present to you London Business School's inaugural e-Commerce Conference 2013. The theme of the event will revolve around the trends, innovations and challenges of today and tomorrow in the online commerce industry.

  • Speakers include: Nick Robertson, CEO, Asos; Stephanie Phair, Managing Director,; Martijn BErtisen, Senior Industry Head Retail, Google; Michael Ross, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, eCommera
  • Key themes include: Showcasing e-commerce challenges, innovations and trends; Selecting the right tools for successful multichannel strategies; Presenting the latest in store and digital technological advances; Leveraging big data to better understand consumer behaviour

Twitter: @LBSRetailLuxury



19 April: Asset Management Conference (full day conference)
Venue: RCOG
‘Paradigm Shift: Rethinking Investment in Tomorrow's World’
The Investment Management Club is pleased to announce the 2013 Asset Management Conference. The fast-moving world in which we live is transforming. As the investment landscape changes, how can investors adapt and take advantage of these shifts? The 2013 conference will address these questions, with speakers and panels delving into how investors are moving forward from the financial crisis and tackling subjects such as increased sovereign risk and the exciting evolution of socially responsible investing.

  • Speakers include: Pal Haugerud- Advisor to the Norweigan SWF; James Macintosh, Investment Editor, FT; Professor Stephen Schaefer, London Business School; Robert McCauley, Bank for International Settlements; Lord Myners; Andrew Balls, PIMCO; Karina Litvack, Director, Head of Governance & Sustainable Investment. F&C Investments
  • Panel discussions will focus on ‘A World without a risk free rate’ and ‘Responsible Investing’

Twitter: @LBSAMC

20 April: Africa Day (full day conference)
Venue: Royal Society
'Investing for Sustainable Success'  
The theme of the 2013 Africa Day Conference is ‘Investing for Sustainable Success’. Following on from last year’s theme of ‘Taking Ownership’, we aim to explore what is being done in Africa to ensure that success is not only achieved but also sustained.  Africa is fertile ground for innovation and its entrepreneurs and cultural agents are capitalising on this, building successful businesses that are fostering growth. Major infrastructure and energy projects are underway all across the continent, addressing deficiencies which have previously curtailed productivity. All of these investments are transforming Africa into a dynamic, competitive economic region. The conference brings together a distinguished roster of heads of government, entrepreneurs, financiers, innovators, cultural icons, and thought leaders to conduct an extensive dialogue on the requisites for sustainable success in Africa.

  • Speakers include: Wale Tinubu, CEO Oando Plc; Alex Okosi, CEO MTV Africa
  • Panel discussions will focus on: Finance and Investing in Africa; Energy and Infrastructure; The Business of Culture: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Twitter: @LBSAfricaClub


26 April: TEDxLondon Business School (full day conference)
Venue: Royal Geographic Society
Look around.  Yesterday's divisions and boundaries are blurred or disappearing.  Old and young, rural and urban, theory and practice, global and local… Social constructs and business models are being tested and redefined.

In this intersected world, there is a need for new connections. What's the recipe for success amidst ongoing financial challenges? How can we harness the power of convergence while maintaining individuality? What can we learn about ourselves from emerging markets? Join us at TEDxLondonBusinessSchool to hear from pioneers, mavericks, rule breakers, and game changers across the arts, business, science, and technology.

Be part of the conversation.
Share your thoughts.

Twitter: @TEDxLBS


Saturday 27 April: Asia Business Forum (full day conference)
Venue: Royal Geographical Society
New Driving Forces in Asia’ 
The 8TH ASIA BUSINESS FORUM is one of Europe’s premier Asia-focused business conferences. It will take place on 27 April 2013 (Saturday) at the Royal Geographical Society in London. The forum will explore the “New Driving Forces in Asia” and tackle the following relevant and timely topics:

  • The New Balance of Power in Asia; What are the hot sectors in Asia?; Secret Ingredients to Winning Businesses in Asia; How can Asian startups go global? How do global startups enter Asia?
  • Speakers include: Mr Dominic Barton – Global Managing Director, McKinsey & Company; Dr Fraser Thompson - Senior Fellow, McKinsey Global Institute; Mr Raj Subramaniam - Senior Vice President, Global Marketing Development, FedEx; Mr Davide Giardino - Economist - Vice President, Merrill Lynch Financial Centre; Mr. Tohru Sasaki, Managing Director and Head of Japan Rates and FX Research, JP Morgan; Mr Humbert Pang - Managing Principal & Head of China, Gaw Capital  


Thursday 2 May: Art Investment Conference (full day conference)
Venue: Royal Society of Arts
"Investing and Innovating in the Global Art Market"
As in previous editions, the Art Investment Conference will bring together world-class industry and finance professionals to discuss current trends affecting the sector. This year’s theme, “Investing and Innovating in the Global Art Market”, looks behind the headlines to discuss newly developed innovations for art online and on mobile, emerging trends and geographies, as well as emotional asset investing in a zero interest rate environment.

  • Speakers include: Professor Elroy Dimson; Philip Hoffman, CEO, The Fine Art Fund Group; Iain Robertson, Head of Art Business Studies, Sotheby's Institute of Art; Jonas Almgren, CEO, the
  • Topics include: The Art of Investing; Breakthroughs in the Art Market; Emerging Markets vs Emerging Trends

Twitter: @LBSArt


Friday 3 May: Real Estate Conference (full day conference)
Venue: Lords
'Unlocking New Opportunities'
On behalf of the London Business School Real Estate Club, we are delighted to invite you to the 2013 Real Estate Conference. This year's conference focuses on "Unlocking New Opportunities" and aims to provide an opportunity for industry experts to discuss and debate key issues relating to the current real estate investment landscape. The conference will include focused discussions around strategies for the present macro climate, the impact of new regulations and the current and future state of real estate debt.

  • Speakers include: Sir John Ritblat - Honorary President and former Chairman and CEO, British Land; Roger Orf - Partner and Head of European Real Estate, Apollo Global Management; Peter Hansford - Chief Construction Adviser, UK Government Department for Business, Innovation & Skills; Guy Grainger - CEO (United Kingdom), Jones Lang LaSalle; Lars Huber - Senior Managing Director and CFO (Europe), Hines




Wednesday 15 May: Sports Business Conference (evening conference)
Venue: London Business School
The Sports Business Club is one of the fastest growing Clubs at London Business School. Their inaugural conference will follow the highly successful Global Leadership Summit ‘Faster, higher, stronger: Lessons shared between Business and Sport, organised by the School in May 2012. The conference will likely be a small-scale evening conference.

  • Speakers include: Alastair Kirkwood, Managing Director, NFL UK; Richard Ayers, Founder & CEO, Seven League; Rick Parry, Former CEO, Liverpool Football Club & FA Premier League

Twitter: @LBS_SC


Friday 17 May: Middle East Day (full day conference)
Venue: Landmark
‘A Forecast for the Middle East: The Re-emergence of a sustainable economy’
The Middle East Club at London Business School is delighted to announce its 11th Annual Middle East Conference, which will take place in the Landmark Hotel in London.  The theme of the 2013 Middle East Conference is "A Forecast for the Middle East: The Re-emergence of a sustainable economy". The Arab world is facing a critical moment and the recent events emphasise the need of a sustainable economy. We would like to offer you an unparalleled opportunity of active engagement with heads of firms, entrepreneurs, financiers, innovators and leaders through three keynote speeches and two panels.

  • Speakers include: Ousama Fansa, CEO of Roots Group ; Joe Saddi, Chairman of Booz & Company; Ayman Asfari, Group Chief Executive, Petrofac
  • Panels will cover investment opportunities with professionals from Global Capital Management, Majid AlFuttaim Ventures and HSBC and  entrepreneurship in the region with Endeavor and successful entrepreneurs leading the discussion



Friday 24 May: Entrepreneurship Conference (full day conference)
Venue: Bloomberg Auditorium
Are you thinking of starting a business? Do you know what you’re getting yourself into? Join us on May 24 at the Bloomberg Centre to hear from some of the best of those who have been, and still are, in the battlefield.  This year’s theme, Entrepreneurship: An Emotional Roller Coaster, is when we dive into the psychology and key emotions of starting and building a business: the Need to start a business and solve a problem, the Power of Small Wins, and, most important of all, Perseverance. 

  • Confirmed Speakers so far: Transferwise, Songkick, Move Guides, The Orchard, Cobra Beer, Seedrs, Insane Logic, Seedcamp, Lake Stars, Metro Bank, Boticca, Ubicabs.
  • The Business Plan Competition finalists will also be pitching in front of a panel of investors and entrepreneurs, and a live audience of 250 people for the final prize.

Twitter: @eshipclub (#LBSeship)


Thursday 30 May: Latin America Business Forum (full day conference)
Venue: RCOG
'The New Forces Consolidating Latin America's Success'
The Latin America Business Forum, now in its 8th year, has become an established occasion, rapidly becoming one of the most significant events for Latin America in Europe. Attracting five former Presidents from the region and many distinguished leaders the full day conference provides a day full of key insights, interactive discussions and networking.

  • Speakers include: Alvaro Rodriguez, Co-Founder, Compartamos Banco; Eduardo Constantini, Founder and Chairman, Consulatio; Roque Benavides, Chairman, CEO, Compania de Minas Buenaventura; Elena Landau, Senior Partner, Sergio Bermudes Advogados






Conferences 2011-2012


Oct - December 2011 Jan - April 2012 May - July 2012

Global Healthcare Summit


Global Energy Summit
Women in Business Conference
Asia Business Forum
Tech Media Summit
India Business Forum


Real Estate Conference
Private Equity Conference
Entrepreneurship Conference
Africa Day
Art Investment Conference
Middle East Day
Latin America Business Forum














 21 November 2011: Global Healthcare Conference
‘The Changing Face of Healthcare’

  • Keynotes: John Dinneen, President & CEO, GE Healthcare
  • Panels: Personalised Medicine; Healthcare Reform

24 February 2012: Global Energy Summit
‘Building a sustainable energy mix for shifting energy demand’

  • Keynotes: Maurice Berns, Head of the UK Energy Practice at The Boston Consulting; Alejo Vidal-Quadras, Vice-President, European Parliament
  • Panels: Building a competitive, secure and clean energy mix; how are the new downstream trends changing the future of energy?


2 March 2012: Women in Business Conference
‘INSPIRATION: Women Moving Business Forward’

  • Keynotes: Cherie Blair, Founder of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women; David Cruickshank, Chairman of Deloitte LLP in the UK; Christine Langan, Head of BBC Films; Helena Morrissey, CEO of Newton Investment Management
  • Panels: Staying Motivated and Inspired up the Corporate Ladder; Launching a Business and Staying the Course

12 April 2012: Asia Business Forum
Asia – Redefine, Rediscover, Reconnect’

  • Keynotes:HE Choo Kyu-ho, Ambassador, Republic of Korea; Nobuyuki Idei, Former Chairman and CEO, SONY
  • Panels: Entrepreneurship; Energy & Resources; Commerce & Trade, Finance; TMT; Careers & Talent Development

13 April 2011: Technology and Media Summit
‘Disrupt or be Disrupted’

  • Keynotes: Mark Read, CEO, WPP Digital; Limvirak Chea, Director, Business Development, InMobi; Chris Maples, UK MD & European Sales Director, Spotify
  • Panels: Gaming, Living Room Battles, Big Data, The Apps Economy, New Music Models and the London investment landscape

26 April 2011: India Business Forum
India and Africa: Getting down to business’

  • Keynotes: Lord Swaraj Paul, Chairman, Caparo Group; Navdeep Suri, Joint Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India
  • Panels: Investing in a Resurgent Africa; Future Investment


27 April 2012: TEDxLondonBusinessSchool

  • Speakers: Nick D’Aloisio; Mark Johnson; Chris Coghlan; Sonia Medina
  • Subjects: How can we reinvigorate businesses, our societies and ourselves? Is it time to start over – to go back to basics? What are the lessons of the innovation economy?

4 May 2012: Real Estate Conference
‘Capital Raising and Investment in Uncertain Times’

  • Keynotes: Andrew Radkiewicz, Managing Director, Pramerica; Sir John Ritblat. Honorary President and former Chairman and CEO, British Land; Angus Dodd, MD, UK Real Estate, Lone Star
  • Panels: European Real Estate Markets; Emerging Market Investing; Capital Raising Strategies and Deal Points


10 May 2012: Private Equity Conference
‘New Dynamics – Staying Ahead of the Curve’

  • Keynotes: Paul Fletcher, Senior Partner, Actis; Vindi Banga, Senior Partner, Clayton Dubilier & Rice; Simon Clark, Managing Partner, Fidelity Growth Partners Europe; Dwight Poler, Managing Director, Bain Capital
  • Panels: LP perspectives, emerging markets investing, value creation in portfolio companies and other pertinent industry topics.


 11 May 2012: Entrepreneurship Conference
‘Beyond an idea: how to plant, nurture and grow your business’

  • Keynotes: Laura Tennison, Founder & Managing Director, JoJo Maman Bebe; Renaud Visage, Co-Founder & CTO, Eventbrite
  • Panels: At seed – Team formation, funding and launch; With roots – philosophy building, incentives and growth; To leaves – exit strategy, long term challenges and the future


19 May 2012: Africa Day
Africa, Taking Ownership: Successes & Challenges’

  • Keynotes: HE President Ali Bongo Ondimba; Dambisa Moyo; Acha Leke, Director, McKinsey; Kofi Morna, Non-Executive Director, Aquarius Platinum Ltd
  • Panels: Trade not Aid; African Innovation; Thinking beyond BRIC; African Trail-blazers

24 May 2012: Art Investment Conference
‘Security in Uncertain Times?’

  • Keynotes: Philip Hoffman, The Fine Art Fund Group; Dr Christophe Spaenjers, HEC University; Dr Rachel Pownall, Maacstricht University
  • Panels: Collecting by numbers; Hard assets in modern asset allocation; Bringing art into the mainstream


31 May 2012: Middle East Day
‘The New
Middle East: Socio-Economic Outlook’

  • Keynotes: HE Fuad Siniora, Former Prime Minister, Lebanon; Richard Shediac, Senior Partner, Booz; Hala Fadel, Fund Manager, Comgest
  • Panels: The quest for new investment opportunities; Women driving the Middle East forward


1 June: Latin America Business Forum
Latin America: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Growth’

  • Keynotes: Damian Scokin, CEO, LAN International; Woods Staton, CEO, Arcos Dorados; Walter Bayly, CEO, BCP; Gabriela Hernandez, CEO, GE Mexico