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LBS Poker 2021: Asian Series (Final Round!) Event Logo

LBS Poker 2021: Asian Series (Final Round!)

by Asia Club

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Sun, Mar 7, 2021

8:30 PM – 10 PM (GMT+0)

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The Asia Club and the Board Games Club would like to invite you to take part in LBS Poker 2021 - Final Round. Our Top 9 players from the Preliminary Round have played their hands right, and will be taking part in the Final Round (7 Mar) to compete for the Grand Prize (GBP150), Second Prize (GBP100) and Third Prize (GBP50).

Below are Top 9 players who will be playing in the final round:

1. Kevin Cao (MiM2018)

2. Matteo Cecchini (MBA2021)

3. Christopher Loris Regis Chuffart (MiM2015)

4. Julia Farrington (Partner)

5. Mihkel Kaarma (MFA2022)

6. Daniel Koc Fong (MBA2021)

7. Thomas Oh (MBA2022)

8. Karina Sukhanenya (MBA2022)

9. Yishi Zhang (MFA2021)

See any familiar names? Make sure you show up and watch your friends play their poker faces!

The Final Round will be broadcasted live on Twitch ( so that your peers can show their support and it will also be hosted by the LBS Poker Tournament defending champion, Andrew Lew & Tiffo Sutanto (MBA 2021)! Audience tickets are free so sign up now!

We look forward to seeing all of you cheer for your peers!

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