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Comedy and Comedic Writing Classes

by Debate and Public Speaking Club

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Tue, Mar 9, 2021

1 PM – 3 PM (GMT+0)

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If you thought that comedy was an inborn talent, you are wrong. Like any other art, comedy can be learned and mastered.

And we have bought in Cerys Bradley who is one of the UK’s top Stand-Up Comic and has now trained five iterations of LBS Students/Alumina to be stand-up comics. Cerys has a five-session curriculum for you to find your 'comedic voice', and master joke/set writing. 

This is your chance to learn how to be smart, confident and crack up a room full of (uptight!) business school students!

The ongoing cost of this course outside LBS is £500; but for £15 per session (5 sessions in total) you will have direct one-to-one feedback with a professional stand-up comic.

When : Tuesdays 13:00-15:00, starting 9 March
Cost: £75
Note: Due to COVID, we will not be running in-person sessions or a comedy showcase at the end of the classes. We will however, we will be writing comedic essays that will be published and shared with the LBS community (think "This American Life")
Session number    Content
1 - 09/3/2021   Finding your voice
2 - 16/3/2021   Choosing your topic
3 - 23/3/2021   Joke writing
4 - 30/3/2021   Set structure
5 - 06/4/2021   Writing workshop




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