[FREE] How to Drag Workshop 💄👠💅

[FREE] How to Drag Workshop 💄👠💅

by Out in Business

Social FUN!

Sat, 30 May 2020

1:00 PM – 3:30 PM

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Are you ready to create your own fabulous drag persona for the White Party? 💅

Now is the time! Join professional makeup artist and drag queen Sierra Llobera (IG: @sierrallobera) to create your own stunning drag look, shape up your drag makeover skills, and learn tips & tricks of drag makeup application from brow shaping to face countouring, colour matching, wig styling and many more! 

This workshop is fun, conversational and packed with loads of drag transformation knowledge. It's open to begginers, both boys and girls. It will run via Zoom for 2-3 hrs during which you will follow the queen's self-presentation to make youself fully over. Bring your sense of fun and adventure!

Note that you will need to prepare your own makeup range and tools. MAC Cosmetics can do a colour match for you and provide free samples if you say you want to try the full coverage first/explain it’s for a one-off drag show. If you’re able to pair up products to get them cheaper, or borrow from a friend, or buy together with someone else who has signed up for the workshop, that’ll help keep costs down. You will need:
  • 1 full coverage foundation, matching your skin tone
  • 2 thick cream-based concealers, highlight and contour colours (one concealer much lighter than your skin tone, almost white, and the other about 5-6 shades darker than your skin tone)
  • A white cream concealer or clown-white concealer/pan stick/stick foundation (you need a heavy-white cream to help highlight and do various things to make your makeup pop) 
  • 1 or 2 beauty blenders (soft sponges that look like eggs) 
  • A brow gel of your choice (we won’t block brows but you’ll need to be able to draw a strong line, so the product must show up well)
  • Eyeshadows and lipsticks of your choice (if you’re doing a bright and colourful eye, go for a nude lipstick, natural, matte, and if you’re doing a natural eye with brown/grey/burgundy colours, go for a bold red or even pink lipstick, depending on your skin tone)
  • Blush (you can find in palettes with other products) 
  • Highlighter powder (shimmery, shiny powders, not creams) 
  • Liquid eyeliner, pen or gel, black (you need to be able to comfortably draw a straight line)
  • Mascara (any, just get a cheapo one, you just need a little to blend them into your false eyelashes)
  • False eyelashes (you can find some great ones on Amazon, it’s recommended to get multipacks so you can stack lashes and build them up bigger)
  • A wig cap
  • A wig of your choice
Dress Casual (jeans ok)

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