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Overcoming Bureaucracy - new forms of management

by People Strategy Club

Speaker Event

Tue, May 11, 2021

7 PM – 8 PM (GMT+1)

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While agility and delegation are clearly the keys to organisational success in the era of innovation, some companies have invented interesting management system, minimising (or eliminating) top-down control and encouraging individuals or small teams to manage themselves.

Inspired by LBS professor Julian Birkinshaw’s article “New Ways Of Working: Getting Beyond Bureaucracy”*, we would like to hold a panel discussion event, inviting speakers from these unique organisations.

*Professor Birkinshaw's article: “New Ways Of Working: Getting Beyond Bureaucracy”;

Professor Birkinshaw will host the panel discussion, welcoming two executives who successfully apply unique management styles to make their companies stay competitive in different industries.

Julian Birkinshaw, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship; Deputy Dean (Executive Education and Learning Innovation)

Guest Speakers;
Tracey Davidson: Deputy CEO of Handelsbanken, Swedish bank

Charles Towers-Clark: Chairman of Pod Group, British Enterprise Network Operator (ENO) providing IoT solutions

The discussion topic will include;
● How innovative management systems work at speakers’ companies
● Benefits and challenges of running organisations with innovative management systems

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