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Tue, 29 Oct 2019

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

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What is Machine Learning (ML) and why should you care about it now? In this introductory learning session, we will detail the three main categories of ML algorithms and provide examples of each. We'll explore the ethical dilemmas leaders may encounter while building AI solutions and point you to ML resources, datasets, tools, and more. This first session is part of a series on Machine Learning and does not include any coding. In upcoming sessions, we will take a deeper dive into Machine Learning and build a simple algorithm.

Note: There will also be a follow-on series on Deep Learning. If you are interested in the Deep Learning sessions, we highly recommend you attend ML 101 and ML 102. Here is a primer for the Deep Learning series:

Have you heard about how deep learning and neural networks are changing the world around us? Would you like to understand what neural networks are and why are they suddenly taking over?
Join the Tech and Media club to learn the basic building blocks of the field and have hands-on sessions to learn with state-of-the-art tools how to build Artificial Neural Networks. More information to follow!
Dress Casual (jeans ok)

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Private Location (sign in to display)

Private Location (sign in to display)

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