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10 Things We Learned While Mentoring 45 Startups in Tech and Business for Microsoft

Monday, October 16
7:00pm – 8:30pm (GMT+1)
The Sammy Ofer Centre, Marylebone Rd, Marylebone, London NW1 5PT, United Kingdom

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Are you interested in a career in tech? Would you like to learn more about technology and business? Come and hear from our industry experts who’ve worked closely with start-ups and will be sharing their unique insights into this space.

We invite you to a provocative talk with Dona Sarkar and Jeremiah Marble, tech enthusiasts and business gurus from the Windows Insider Program. They’ll share some of their key learnings and perspectives they’ve gained through mentoring more than 30 start-ups. Bring your curiosity and leave the talk informed and inspired!
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LT14, The Sammy Ofer Centre, Marylebone Rd, Marylebone, London NW1 5PT, United Kingdom

Monday, October 16, 7:00pm – 8:30pm

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Dona Sarkar
Chief Ninja, Windows Insider Program
Dona Sarkar wishes she’d been born a cat so she could have had nine lives. Since that didn’t work out, she decided to live nine lives in this one. Dona spends her days running the Windows Insider Program at Microsoft, celebrating diversity in STEM fields as a fashion blogger at Fibonacci Sequins, and launching her fashion line called Prima Dona Style. Most recently, Sarkar led the developer engagement program for Microsoft HoloLens, enabling enthusiasts to make rich holographic experiences on the Universal Windows Platform. Dona feels very fortunate to have found her life’s calling: to help the next generation of creatives prepare for the technical revolution that's about to transform everything - again.
Jeremiah Marble
Product Manager
Jeremiah Marble is architect of the Windows Insider Program, the largest community of people on earth using tech to improve their world. They're a team of PMs, engineers, data scientists, and feral NinjaCats. They leverage millions of pieces of Insider feedback and exabytes of data to CoCreate a better Windows for billions, globally.