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"Paddles in… Crews! Down ‘n’ ready! GO!"

These words make sixteen LBS students in the boat work as one. The paddles rise and plunge, the drums keep the beat, and the hearts pump blood real hard. All eyes are locked on the finish line ahead, and all minds are focused on getting there as fast as possible.

Early in 2013, Asia Club resurrected dragon boat racing at London Business School, honouring the ancient Chinese tradition of celebrating the start of summer. Named after the menacing and almighty ruler of the sea, the Leviathansthe newly formed team attracted dozens of students from all programmes who trained hard for a month under supervision of a professional Dragon Boat racer. We strived to perform well, and we did! On the competition day we took part in three races and finished second among corporate and b-school teams.

The technique is relatively straightforward: the first five strokes are slow and powerful; the next fifteen are fast and accelerating; and then you switch to something in between and do your best. The real challenge, though, is paddling in sync with others and keeping your energy throughout the whole distance. This requires some real teamwork and commitment, a perfect test of the skills LBS allegedly cultivates in its students.

In short, Dragon Boat racing is great fun and a perfect way to get in good shape while making friends along the way. Please contact the team's co-captains if you are interested in joining us. See you at The London Regatta Centre in 2014!

P.S.: remember: if you crash with another boat, keep paddling. Never stop paddling!


"Long before God created Angel and Man, he made the first beasts - the Leviathans. I personally found them entertaining, but he was concerned they'd chomp the entire petri dish, so he locked them away. Why do you think he created Purgatory? To keep those clever, poisonous things out."  --Death