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Our goal at the Business and Government Club is to strengthen the link between government and business related activities at London Business School.

We aim to support professional development of our members, stay up to date on industry issues and trends and provide a networking platform for members and external professionals.

We strive to be educative, informative and social while encouraging new ideas and engaging discussion s.

We have been busy lining up great things for you this year including:

  • Events about career possibilities at the core of the business-government-society interplay: in the public, private and social sectors
  • Speaker events with an IMF professional, a political risk expert, and public sector consultants to name just a few
  • Our first ever trek to Washington D.C. (and it is going to be epic)
  • PUBlic affairs - regular discussion nights in the Windsor where you can join us for lively conversations on the latest topics across business, government and society

So stay tuned for further details and help us spread the word about the B&G Club!