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Asset Management Hong Kong Trekļ¼ˆ23-26 Oct,

2018 Hong Kong Asset Management trek, co-organised with LBS Career Centre, took place from October 23nd to October 26th. This packed and insightful four-day visit with 15 LBS students has received the warmest welcome from our top corporate partners, including HSBC, T. Rowe Price, PineBridge Investments, Optimas Capital Limited, Bernstein Private Wealth Management, Fidelity Management & Research, CSOP Asset Management, Sectoral Asset Management, Robeco and Invesco Ltd.

"This trek offers deep insight of career development in Investment management, global market dynamics and China capital market opportunities. Students benefit tremendously through interactive conversations, informal networking and jump started on pitching themselves for career opportunities. I would say this is one of the best career treks I attended". - Silver Qu (MBA 2019)

"The HK AM Trek is probably a once-in-my-life opportunity to visit so many leading asset management companies as a student, thanks to the support of LBS, the diligent work of the trek team and the hospitality of all AM companies!

The four-day trek is really intense (in terms of schedule) and education-oriented. It provides an internal perspective of asset management industry & career, which is especially useful for early career students like me. From the trek, I see how different AM company is just like different people with different characteristics, that each company has its own culture, value, and way of investing. " - Ray Jiang (GMiM 2020)

The 2018 HK Asset Management trek is kindly sponsored by AQR Asset Management Institute (