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About Us

The LBS Consulting Club is one of the largest and most professional clubs on campus and is focussed on helping students who are looking to pursue careers in consulting.


Club's Activities

The Club's activities include:


To start, take a look at the resources linked on our Consulting 101 >> and Firms >> pages. We also strongly encourage you to speak to your classmates who have worked in consulting previously, to learn what their jobs are like. If a career in consulting sounds of interest to you, look out for email invitations to students from Career Services and the Consulting Club to attend our events and presentations. These are valuable opportunities to learn about the industry and meet current firm insiders, to hear about what they do.


Members have access to

Applications Process Page >>

On this page you can find a few of the most popular and helpful resources to help you start preparing for the application process. This page also includes books to understand the process deeply.

Our Case Books Page >>

On this page you can find case books from various years and business schools

Apply to Consulting Club

Consulting is a popular career at LBS. If you are keen to apply, it is important to start planning your interview and case interview preparation processes early.

We hope these resources help you make your decision and, if you apply, help you on your way to a satisfying job in consulting.

We are always keen to hear of any other firms or resources you think we should add to this website. Additionally, if you have any suggestions for a firm seminar or other events you would like to see the club offer, please contact us using the "Contact Us" page of this website.

Good luck!

Consulting Club at LBS