As the process includes a Fit Interview and a Case Interview, you must focus on being prepared for both. A common mistake people make is to prepare only for the Case Interview and dedicate very few time for the Fit Interview.


Here you can see an example of a Fit Interview


Stack includes Visual Composer  used by over 1 Million customers


Now, look how an example of a Case Interview


Stack includes Visual Composer  used by over 1 Million customers


As a member of the Consulting Club you can start your training by signing up in these platforms:

Case Coach

CaseCoach is the leading online case interview prep platform, created by former McKinsey interviewers and headhunters. CaseCoach provides everything you need to prepare for case study interviews used by top consulting firms and other employers, including:

  • Bite-sized video lectures covering the 12 key skills assessed by the firms across both the fit and case interviews with tips and techniques on how to build and demonstrate these skills
  • 21 interview videos featuring real candidates who went on to join Bain, BCG, and McKinsey, with detailed commentary on their performance
  • A library of 80+ exclusive case studies with solutions, with a scorecard like the one your interviewer has on the other side of the table
  • A practice feature, to organize mock interviews with other students, within LBS or at other schools, and track your performance
  • Math, structuring and exhibit drills to hone in on critical skills

We are particularly excited about the new practice feature, which allows you to match with other LBS colleagues or colleagues from different business schools to practice casing virtually! This feature is particularly helpful for those unable to practice in person and for students wishing to practice casing in a language other than English. Please find a short video clip on this new feature here:

Sttudents who would like access: please forward your paid membership confirmation to Tessa Demmerle ( and she can provide your unique access code.

  • RocketBlocks (Offered through the Career Centre)
  • Go to:
  • Enter school code: lbscareercentre
  • Complete sign-up w/ $40 USD co-pay for unlimited 1-year access
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