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The Toastmasters Communication Programme consists of the following awards:

  • Competent Communicator (CC)
  • Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB)
  • Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS)
  • Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG)

In order to receive these awards, Toastmasters must complete a number of assignments, the first of which is the  Manual for the Competent Communicator Award.

Competent Communication Manual   

Cover, Communication ManualThe Competent Communicator Manual is designed to give new members a strong start in developing a core set of skills for public speaking. Each of the ten projects in this basic manual focuses on a certain aspect of speech making - from organisation to delivery.

The Manual (also called the "basic manual") helps you develop the basic skills you need to prepare and present an effective speech.

Ten Projects
The manual is organized into ten separate projects, each with its own individual focus or objective. An extremely effective tool in developing your speaking skills, the manual does not tell you exactly what to do or what to speak about, but rather it provides a set of guidelines for you to think about as you prepare your speech.

As an essential part of the Toastmasters programme, a fellow Toastmaster will evaluate each speech you give, providing positive feedback and suggestions for improvement, as necessary.

You will find hereunder an overview of the first ten Toastmasters speeches:

  1. The Icebreaker
    Time:  4-6 minutes
    Objectives:   To begin speaking before an audience, to help you understand what areas require particular emphasis in your speaking development and to introduce yourself to your club members.
    Tips, techniques and topics ideas: Toastmasters Speech 1 - The Ice Breaker
  2. Organise Your Speech
    Time:  5-7 minutes
    Objectives:  To select an appropriate outline which allows listeners to easily follow and understand you, using supporting material and transitioning from one idea to the next appropriately.  Use a strong opening and conclusion.
    Tips, techniques and topics ideas:  Toastmasters Speech 2 - Organize Your Speech
  3. Get to the Point
    Time:  5-7 minutes
    Objectives:  To prepare a speech that has a clear general purpose (to inform, persuade, entertain or inspire) and a specific purpose, well organised, projecting sincerity and conviction.
    Tips, techniques and topics ideas:  Toastmasters Speech 3 - Get to the Point
  4. How To Say It
    Time:  5-7 minutes
    Objectives:  To use words and arrangements of words that effectively communicate your message, making sure it is clear, accurate, and descriptive.  Use of simple words and correct grammar, with a clear purpose and be well organised.
    Tips, techniques and topics ideas:  Toastmasters Speech 4 - How to Say It
  5. Your Body Speaks
    Time:  5-7 minutes
    Objectives:  To use stance, movement, gestures, facial expressions and eye contact to express your message and make your body language smooth and natural.  You'll also evaluate your progress.
    Tips, techniques and topics ideas:  Toastmasters Speech 5 - Your Body Speaks
  6. Vocal Variety
    Time:  5-7 minutes
    Objectives:  To explore the use of voice volume, pitch, rate, and quality as assets to your speaking, and to achieve a pleasing, natural voice quality when speaking
    Tips, techniques and topics ideas:  Toastmasters Speech 6 - Vocal Variety
  7. Research Your Topic
    Time:  5-7 minutes
    Objectives:  To collect information about your chosen topic from a variety of sources, and to support your points and opinions with specific facts, examples and illustrations..
    Tips, techniques and topics ideas:  Toastmasters Speech 7 - Research Your Topic 
  8. Get Comfortable with Visual Aids
    Time:  5-7 minutes
    Objectives:  To learn the value of props in speaking, and learn how to use props and visual aids effectively in your presentations. 
  9. Persuade with Power
    Time:  5-7 minutes
    Objectives:  To present a talk that persuades the audience to accept your proposal or viewpoint. You'll need to achieve this persuasive effect by appealing to the audience's self-interest, building a logical foundation for agreement, and arousing emotional commitment to your cause.
  10. Inspire Your Audience
    Time:  8-10 minutes
    Objectives:  Your final project is to understand the mood and feelings of your audience on a particular occasion, and to put those feelings into words to inspire the audience, using all the techniques you have learned so far. You'll also evaluate your progress again.

Competent Communicator Award
After completing the Competent Communicator Manual, members earn Competent Communicator Award (CC) and are able to focus their efforts on the projects in the advanced speech manuals of the Toastmasters program.

Advanced Communication Manuals

 The Advanced Communication Programme trains you for different speaking situations that Toastmasters can encounter outside the club environment. There are currently 15 Advanced Communication manuals, and each manual includes five speech projects which challenges you to further improve your skills in a specific area of public speaking.

Within each of these advanced manuals, the individual projects all focus on a single, specific theme to help you improve your speaking skills in that particular area. Some manuals focus on "real life" situations such as public relations and technical briefings, while others help develop more widely applicable skills such as humour and storytelling.

Inform Speaking to Inform
The projects in this manual will help you give informative and interesting speeches. Topics covered include the demonstration talk, the fact-finding report, the abstract concept and resources for informing.  Ideal for people in the workplace who have to give regular presentations to colleagues and clients.  An excellent first manual for the advanced speaker.
Special Occasion Speeches Special Occasion Speeches
This manual is for those people who have to give a wedding speech, make a presentation, or a farewell speech.  It provides instruction in giving toasts, speaking in praise, "roasting" someone, and presenting and accepting awards.  This manual allows you to personalise your speeches and use life stories.  An ideal manual to work through early in your advanced speaking career.
Technical Presentations Technical Presentations
The projects in this manual will help you prepare and present briefings, proposals, technical papers and technical team presentations.  An ideal manual for people in technical roles in the workplace.
Public Relations Public Relations
This complete guide to preparing and delivering the public relations speeches will help you develop resources and techniques, "speak under fire", and handle the media talk. A wonderful manual for people in customer-facing situations.
Speeches by Management Speeches by Management
This practical manual is ideal for those people in a management situation in the workplace, helping you successfully handle a variety of speaking situations. Subjects covered include briefings, technical speeches, motivational talks and confrontations.
Speciality Speeches Specialty Speeches
Speakers must be able to speak in many situations and this challenging manual will help you. Types of speeches covered include impromptu speeches, sales presentations, introductions, inspirational speeches, and oral interpretations.
Facilitating Discussion Facilitating Discussion
This manual offers guidance in presenting workshop and conference presentations. Role-playing and problem-solving sessions are also covered. This manual is a must for managers, trainers, teachers and administrators.
Pro Speaker The Professional Speaker
The Professional Speaker manual is a complete guide to becoming a professional speaker. Subjects covered include speaking as a company representative and speaking for money, something we would all like to do!
Ent Speaker The Entertaining Speaker
This manual includes valuable information on how to give an entertaining or dramatic speech, where to find material, how to make an audience laugh, and what to do when you're asked to speak after dinner.  A fun manual for you and your audience!
Persuasive Persuasive Speaking (or The Professional Salesperson)
The ability to influence and persuade others to accept your ideas, products, or services is vital in today's fast-paced world. The projects in this manual are all designed to help you develop excellent persuasive techniques and expand your presentation skills.  Ideal for community leaders, managers and salespeople.
Com on TV Communicating on Television
Television presentations differ from other presentations, and they require special considerations. With this manual you'll learn to present editorials, appear as a guest on a "talk show", conduct a press conference, and use television to train.  A fun manual to work through in the club environment.  Using a video camera is an ideal way to simulate the television situation.
Story telling Storytelling
This is an enjoyable manual for the advanced speaker, because everyone loves a story. Types of stories covered in this manual include the folk tale, the personal story, stories with morals, the touching story, and the historical story.  You'll need to research your material carefully, but the scope is endless!
Int reading Interpretive Reading
This manual will help you develop your interpretive reading skills, not something you would do every day! The projects include presenting stories, poetry, monodramas, plays and oratorical speeches.  A challenging manual which requires you to source interesting and unusual material.
Interpers com Interpersonal Communication
Topics covered include conversing with ease, negotiating, handling criticism, coaching someone to improved performance, and expressing dissatisfaction effectively.  Another ideal manual for people in the workplace or community.  You'll need to involve other people when completing some of the projects in this manual.
Humour Humorously Speaking
Audiences love to laugh! This manual shows you how to use humorous stories and jokes throughout your speech to grab and keep listeners' attention and illustrate your points. You also learn how to give an entirely humorous speech. An excellent manual to try out ideas and practice for the Humorous Speech Contests.

Accredited Speaker Program

Toastmasters International has a special program which recognizes those members who have professional-level speaking skills. The Accredited Speaker Program is not for everyone. Only a handful of Toastmasters have what it takes to become Accredited Speakers. Less than 25 percent of those who apply for the program become Accredited Speakers.

The program is conducted annually. To qualify as an Accredited Speaker, an applicant must be a current member of a Toastmasters Club. He or she also must be an Able Toastmaster or Advanced Toastmaster Bronze and have had a minimum of 25 speaking engagements to non-Toastmasters audiences within three years of application date. Five copies of letters of acknowledgment or appreciation from any of the 25 engagements must be provided as documentary evidence of successful presentations. In addition, applicants must pass a rigorous two-stage judging process.