E-Club x Paws "How to start a startup"-Series Lecture 3

by Entrepreneurship Club

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Tue, 16 Apr 2019

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

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The Sammy Ofer Centre

117 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5PT

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The 'Paws : LBS - How to start a startup' series has been designed to give new founders and startup folks the best, multi-discipline, help from day 1.

This lecture looks at the talent and people function with a focus on 16 people scenarios that pose particularly thorny challenges for startups. In each case, we suggest approaches which we have found helpful, in the hope that you will find them helpful too. Scenarios covered include,

- How to hire well, fast!
- When and how do I make my first international hire?
- When do I hire a Co-Founder/Do I need a Co-Founder?
- How do I ensure cultural fit when hiring/What is cultural fit?
- When do I give away a C'level title?
- What do I pay people and what equity should I give?
- How do I fire an executive?
- When do I hire a COO?
- When do I build a People/Talent function?
- How and when do I constitute a board?

Chris has helped build, align and structure the leadership teams for some of the world's most exciting digital businesses. At Europe's leading digital headhunting firm, The Up Group, Chris worked with companies such as Transferwise, Deliveroo, Circle and Google Deepmind helping to hire their C'level and Director level leadership teams.

Later, Chris went on to partner with the pre-eminent venture capital firm, Forward Partners, as their Head of People working with early stage startups in their portfolio such as Patch, Live Better With, Wonderbly and Appear Here.

Whilst at Forward he built and structured teams that went on to raise over >$200m in Series A/B venture funding and formed a venture team at Forward that raised over £80m from Blackrock. He also featured in The Times with research on UK startup compensation, worked on the Tech City visa programme and assembled a group of the world's foremost digital experts (FP50) to mentor and invest in fledgling UK based startups.

Chris is now the Head of People & Talent at Paws.com

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The Sammy Ofer Centre

117 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5PT

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