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Sustainability Series: SafetyNet

by Entrepreneurship Club

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Tue, May 18, 2021

11:15 AM – 12:15 PM (GMT+1)

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Interested in sustainability? Ever consider starting your own company in the Tech for Good space?

The Entrepreneurship Club and Social Impact Club invite you to join our Sustainability Series where we will be sharing stories of impact entrepreneurship from around the world. Join us on Tuesday 18th of May 11:15am – 12:15pm to hear from our third set of speakers of the series, Nadia and Dan from SafetyNet Technologies. They will be interviewed by the LBS winners of the MIINT Competition: James Cochrane-Dyet, Kara Bennett, Emma Moberly and Daniela Lascurain.

About SafetyNet Technologies:
SNTech’s mission is to design and build innovative hardware and software products to increase the selectivity of commercial fishing practices and make the fishing industry more sustainable. Today 10% of all fish caught are “bycatch” – essentially the wrong fish by species, gender of juvenility. This leads to 6m tons of fish wasted every year globally, and exacerbating species endangerment and climate change.
SNTech works with fishers, scientists, suppliers and regulators to create solutions to assist fisherman to catch the right fish. For more information see

About Nadia and Dan:

Nadia and Dan are two of the three co-founders of SNTech and are COO and CEO respectively.

Nadia has a background in mechanical engineering, combined with an MBA from INSEAD. She focuses on connecting with people who are interested in what SNTech has to offer as well as guiding the business strategy.

Dan has a background in product design engineering and started SN Technologies as a result of his final year project. He has ten years’ experience working in the fishing industry.




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