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Here are the answers to some of your common golf at LBS questions!

Can I rent clubs?

Most locations that we go with the GC will offer club rentals, though they can often be of questionable quality and relatively expensive (~GBP10).  It's recommended that if you're new to the sport and you're not sure if you want to play, that you rent early on; but that if you plan to play often, the economics quickly add up to buy a cheap pair of clubs from Lillywhites.

If you come to the driving range, chances are you can borrow clubs from a fellow club member.

How much does it cost to play golf?

If you come out to Northwick Park driving range, it's about GBP5 for a bucket of 100 balls, which should last you for an hour.  If you want to play a course, that can range anywhere from GBP20 on the low end for a round, to GBP100 for the country's best clubs.  As students, the LBS GC clearly spends more time on the less expensive courses ;)

I'm a new golfer; can I play full-sized courses or should I stick with the driving range?

Generally speaking, golfers of any level can play a full-sized course, as long as they keep up with the pace of play (ie, don't slow the group down).  When you're brand new, it's best to start off at the driving range, to develop a swing, and gradually work into easier (less expensive), and eventually, longer courses.  The Golf Club is here to help you get better!

Please feel free to send in additional questions and we will add them to our FAQs section.