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The LBS-wide Stock Pitch Competition is held three times a year - in Autumn, Spring and Summer.


This long-only event requires students to submit a short write-up of an investment thesis, the best of which are selected by faculty. The shortlisted students are invited to pitch their stock to a panel of judges at the stock pitch event. The judges are selected from donor organizations and professionals from the investment management community.

Students both participating and observing benefit enormously from the honest feedback provided by judges, and from the experience of pitching stocks in a competitive environment - a vital skill in the investment management recruitment process.


The four finalist stocks enter the investable universe of the Student Investment Fund.


As of Spring 2019, the winner will also receive a £1,000 prize sponsored by the AQR Institute at London Business School. Follow the LBS Asset Management Institute on Twitter: @LBSAssetMgmt

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Stock Write Up Instructions



Previous Winners and a Few Winning Pitches

Spring 2019 - TI Fluid Systems - Vishal Jha
Autumn 2018 - Pacific Gas & Electric Company - Khalifah Alasousi  
Summer 2018 - Credit Acceptance - Yash Sidana 
Autumn 2017: Lookers - Yash Sidana
Summer 2017: Alphabet - Davide Conti
Spring 2017: Next - Tom Livesey
Autumn 2016: Guaranty Trust Bank - Soji Solanke
Summer 2016: Baidu - Adeline Chong
Spring 2016: PayPal - Otar Dgebuadze
Autumn 2015: Exova Group - Stan Bachvarov
Summer 2015: Lumber Liquidators - Javier Soriano
Spring 2015: AA - Joel Odjana
Autumn 2014: China Distance Education - Norman Zhou
Summer 2014: Prosegur Compania de Seguridad - Jeffrey Smith

Competition slides - examples
Spring 2017: Next - Tom Livesey
Summer 2016: Baidu - Adeline Chong
Spring 2016: PayPal - Otar Dgebuadze