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The Stock Pitch Competition is held three times each academic year, once in Autumn, Spring and Summer. 

Students are individually required to rigourously research a stock with a value proposal and prepare a write up. The best write ups are then selected by faculty and those students are asked to pitch their stock to a panel of judges at the stock pitch event. The judges are selected from donor organsations and professionals from the investment management community. 

Students both participating and observing benefit enormously from the honest feedback provided by judges, and from the experience of pitching stocks in a competitive environment, a vital skill for their future recruitment processes.

The winning stock is then purchased by the Student Investment Fund, and the winning student is invited to join the Investment Committee of the fund.

Stock Write Up Instructions



Autumn 2015

Exova Group PLC

Spring 2014

Finalist Presentations

Winning Pitch -- Penn West

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Summer 2013

Spring 2013

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Prosegur Compania de Seguridad

IG Group PLC

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Coach Inc. 

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