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The Student Investment Fund is a long-only investment fund, managed solely by LBS students. Members of the Fund have a keen interest in the Investment Management industry and want practical experience in running a a real world fund. The capital has been generously donated over time by both alumni and organisations, and combined with investment growth of over 200%, the assets under management are around £600,000 (as of Q1 2020).



The SIF was founded upon the following investment policy statement:

“Provide students with the education in security analysis and portfolio management that can be best gained through actual investing experience. The Fund’s operations will work to further educate students interested in equity valuation and enhance the experience of the average club member, by exposing each student to the investment process and working of a fund.”

The latest Vision and IPS document can be found at the bottom of this page.


The Fund is based on four pillars:

I. Integrity: at all times we are driven by the principles of honesty, respect and openness;

Learning: we provide and facilitate educational learnings for students in the area of investing and valuation;

III. Performance: we strive to optimize the return / risk profile of the Fund to compound capital consistently over the long-term and outperform the benchmark after controlling for risk;

IV. Professionalism: we strive to manage the Fund capital and activities in a professional manner and following industry best practices.