Student Association Club Treasurer Portal


We are here to support your club with all its financial activities

We can be reached on and aim to respond to all your queries within 24 hours

While a finance code is obtained instantly, all other standard requests can be assumed to have 5 working day timeframe. We process requests in batches, so all submissions received by Friday 4pm, will be completed by Friday 4pm the following week.

New Treasurer Onboarding
  • Provide a signed copy of the Declaration form to  your Club President and have him or her complete the Treasurer Change Form
  • You will need this to reimburse yourself and your club members, register yourself as a treasurer in the system using the Expense Setup Form
Planning & preparation
  • All monetary transactions processed by the SA and its clubs require a finance/cost code, prior to your event be sure to request a New Finance Code
  • If club members plan on paying using their personal card please have them register on the reimbursement system using the Expense Setup Form
Managing income & expenses
  • Transfer funds to another club in the case of collaborative events using Internal Transfers
  • In case you are transferring money or want to deposit cash into your club balance, let us know using the Deposit Notification Form
Reviewing monthly statements
  • The SA publishes transactions and club balances for the prior month with a 2-week delay in the Club Financial Statements document (Only accessible through the resources page)
  • Note: Please maintain your own internal club statements as the statements from the SA only include received revenues and recognized expenses

LBS SA Finance Team

Lbs Sa Finance Team
Support & Queries
Chawitcha Charoenthum
Deputy Treasurer
Luis Polanco
Deputy Treasurer
Sachin Sharma
Deputy Treasurer
Prem Patel
Deputy Treasurer
Aydar Garaev
Deputy Treasurer
Gali Aitkuzhinov
Deputy Treasurer
Giwon Shin
Senior SA Treasurer