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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the LBS Marketing Club do?
We cater to the LBS community by hosting representatives from top firms, aiming to foster discussions about current trends in the marketing world.
How can I get involved with the club?

By being a member of the Marketing Club, you get access to the wide variety of events we host and connect students to.
Additionally, you get access to our monthly newsletters containing exclusive content on our campus events and third-party events around London, straight to your inbox.
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What kinds of events does the club host?

These include panel discussions, networking events, career talks and peer-to-peer insight events. For an extensive list of our events from the past academic year, head over to our events page. 

How can I be part of the organising committee of the Marketing Club?

We look for a new organising committee at the start of every academic year in September, and look forward to your applications for the same. We hold an information session prior to accepting applications, where your can expect all your questions to be answered.

In your application, we love to see a passion for marketing and enthusiasm for the role you are applying to. While past experience is helpful, it is not mandatory. As a growing club, we expect you to bring a lot of initiative in organising events, reaching out to speakers and bringing your network to the club.