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2010 Summer - MTV Networks Europe

I can hardly believe that my time at MTVNE is almost over...briefly summarizing my experience there:

My Background: Software engineering in video games industry. Team Lead. Still passionate about games, but interested in exploring media. Definitely know that I will be staying within the entertainment industry. Also trying to figure out what function suits me.


Role: Strategy Consultant

Projects: Strategic planning for Digital Media, Nickelodeon in the Emerging Markets (Eastern Europe, Africa), business in Russia

Best Part of My Job: It's MTV :o) This is the first business function I've ever had, and it was great to apply pretty much everything I've learnt during the first year, and then some. After the initial adjustment period, everything just came together/'clicked'  and I found myself becoming even more and more interested in what I was doing. I picked up a lot of skills, learnt alot about media, gained experience with emerging markets, became aware of how things work across lots of different industries...what more could I ask for? It was the perfect placement for combined pretty much everything I had been looking for :) I sooo lucked out.

At the end of it, I also realized what kind of skill gaps I had to fill in order to perform this role well in the future, and have since modified my elective selections to better prepare myself.

Tips: Get to know the industry more. Read up on recent events. Ask lots of questions...accept the fact that there will be a learning curve... it really took some time for me to get used to thinking high-level.