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Endemol Sport Summer 2010

This summer, I have spent 10 weeks at Endemol Sport. This is a division within the established Endemol Group and in its short 18 month history has grown considerably. The division specialises in:

  1. Sports Entertainment Formats
  2. High End Film Making
  3. Rights sales and Programme Distribution
  4. Channel Creation
  5. Live Event Broadcasts/Highlights/Studio & Magazine Shows
  6. Events & Tournaments
  7. Digital

I have been doing what you might loosely call strategic consultancy. Which in real terms has meant doing whatever needs doing and/or whatever no-one (including the team PA) can’t face doing themselves.

My typical tasks have involved:

  • ·        Making and implementing marketing plans for formats
  • ·        Writing division creds document
  • ·        Writing pitch proposals
  • ·        Developing Group marketing materials
  • ·        Proposal research

Some of the work has been interesting and challenging but little of it has hugely stretched me. Furthermore, I have been busy only intermittently which has been a major disappointment; the internship has never really picked up the momentum it promised. During my time, I have tried at times to cajole others to give me projects but because everyone is constantly busy and hectic with running projects, the team has struggled to fully accommodate me. So an up and down experience. If I was sure that I wanted a role in this team/company, I might be less disappointed as long as I had positioned myself successfully for a permanent position upon graduation. That is not the case.

The lesson is this: if you cultivate an internship yourself rather than apply to an organised one, try to clarify projects in advance, to outline how you will spend your time and how this will be mutually beneficial. Of course, in a climate where internships are not abundant, there is a temptation to jump at anything. As long as one is diligent, one will get something in the end, so try and balance enthusiasm to secure something with a sense of what one will get from the experience.

Despite all this, the people are decent at Endemol and as long as time is dedicated to planning it better, I would endorse a continuation of this relationship for a future intern.

Be in touch if you would like to know more!