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Mon, Nov 23, 2020

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM (GMT+0)

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In the UK, over 10 million people will need mental health support as a direct consequence of Covid-19. Yet one in five people dealing with mental illness say their needs are going unmet.
Left unchecked, the mental health crisis could cost the global economy $16T between 2010 and 2030 !!

What is the event about?
In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the mental health crisis has worsened around the globe. To help address the surge in demand, companies are using technology to ensure people’s wellbeing. 
Is technology the solution to mental health? What is the right balance? What does the future of mental health look like? What are potential careers in this field?
Join us on Monday, November 23rd 7pm for a power-packed discussion about the innovation and future of mental health with our high-profile panelists.

Topics we’ll cover
  • Panelists’ personal relationship with Mental Health
  • How are companies using tech to disrupt the space of mental health? 
  • What advice do you have for those wanting to get into the business of mental health?
  • How has COVID-19 impacted our mental health, the way we deal with it, and the future of the industry? 
  • The paradox between technology, mental health issues and mental health solutions. What are the pros and cons of being connected 24/7?
  • How do you measure mental health improvement?
  • Any questions you want to ask!
Who’s coming to the panel?
  1. Sean McBride, VP of Partnership @ Lyra Health: Lyra Health developed a digital health platform that connects members to a curated network of therapists and coaches through live video therapy, coaching and digital self-care tools, resulting in faster access to care and better outcomes than traditional plans, enabling employers to deliver care to their employees and families online with the flexibility of in-person care. They currently help more than 1MN users incl. Facebook, Pinterest and Starbucks employees. Lyra uses validated clinical measures, such as the PHQ-9 and the GAD-7, to assess symptom improvement for anxiety, depression, and other common mental health issues. 
  2. Amir Eitan, VP of Product @ Talkspace: Talkspace is an online therapy startup that offers therapy through a network of licensed therapists. Its mission is to make therapy available and affordable for all by making support accessible to overcome day-to-day challenges through text messages, audio messages, as well as picture and video messages in a private, text-based chat room. 
  3. JP Aramouni, Co-founder @ Blue Space: Blue Space transforms underutilized urban waterfront spaces into tech-enabled wellness hubs designed to elevate mindful experiences. Blue Space offers users a chance to disconnect from the daily grind, recharge and find their happy place by connecting to the healing elements of the water.

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