London Business School | Groups


Lizeica Alván Peña

Lizeica is originally from Peru, where she worked at Scotiabank as a Product Specialist before moving to London with her husband Gian Pier MBA2019. While at London, she is pursuing an online Masters degree in Marketing at EAE university. She loves dancing (that's why she is part of the salsa club at LBS) and also enjoys organizing events, parties, dinners, as well as making sure that everyone is having the best time. She is always looking for new things to learn and try. If you want to just hang out or need someone to talk to contact her and she will love to meet you and share some laughs.

Monica Prieto

Monica is originally from Monterrey, Mexico where she worked as a graphic designer before moving to London with her husband Mauricio. She loves kids, traveling, food and going out. Since moving to London she has been babysitting and tutoring young kids in Spanish. She loves organizing get-togethers and events so feel free to reach out to her if you want to go grab a bite to eat, go shopping or just hang out.




Anabella Fracasso  

Anabella is originally from Argentina and moved to London in 2017 to pursue a master’s degree in Business with Marketing Management. She has lived in Argentina, Brazil, the UK and in the United States, where her fiancée is originally from. She is a passionate traveler, vegetarian foodie, and an avid performing arts enthusiast - performing aerial silks in her spare time. 
She loves keeping up with social events in London and joined the club to contribute to the organization of events, have fun and make new friends.


Daniela Duhart

Daniela is originally from Chile where she worked as a lawyer before moving to London with her husband, MBA 2019. She also has a child that was born in April of this year. She loves traveling, food, reading and going out. Feel free to contact her if you need any help with childbirth here or just want to talk.



Valéria Dias Ferraz Tedesco

Valéria is from Brazil and moving to London has been her long-life dream since she read her first Harry Potter book. She is graduated in Films and Television and has been working with cultural production for the last years. She loves music so don't hesitate to call her for gigs or jam sessions (but don't expect a really good player). Cooking is her therapy and she absolutely loves to learn new recipes and traditions from different countries. She takes mental health as a really serious subject and is with her open arms to welcome you here and help with any aspects of adaptation to this new (sometimes a little bit scary) and exciting city.


Joann Sempertegui

Joann is from Peru and loves traveling. Before coming to London, she was living in Dubai with her boyfriend Chip, MBA 2019. 
She likes meeting new people and making everyone feel welcome! She enjoys reading, dancing to Latin music; discovering new places around the city and is seriously considering getting a corgi puppy...