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Lizeica Alván Peña

Lizeica is originally from Peru, where she worked at Scotiabank as a Product Specialist before moving to London with her husband Gian Pier MBA2019. While at London, she is pursuing an online Masters degree in Marketing at EAE university. She loves dancing (that's why she is part of the salsa club at LBS) and also enjoys organizing events, parties, dinners, as well as making sure that everyone is having the best time. She is always looking for new things to learn and try. If you want to just hang out or need someone to talk to contact her and she will love to meet you and share some laughs.



Alex Vastano

Alex is from Santa Monica, CA and has a Masters in Public Health with a focus in Health Policy and Management. She is now working with young adults who have learning disabilities and helps them gain employment as well as find education opportunities in the greater London area. Alex’s partner Miles is in the MBA 2020 program. They both love to travel, cook, hike and do yoga. If you ever need restaurant recommendations, she’s a good person to ask

Valéria Dias Ferraz Tedesco

Valéria is from Brazil and moving to London has been her long-life dream since she read her first Harry Potter book. She is graduated in Films and Television and has been working with cultural production for the last years. She loves music so don't hesitate to call her for gigs or jam sessions (but don't expect a really good player). Cooking is her therapy and she absolutely loves to learn new recipes and traditions from different countries. She takes mental health as a really serious subject and is with her open arms to welcome you here and help with any aspects of adaptation to this new (sometimes a little bit scary) and exciting city.

    Neha Chandaria

Neha is an Artist and Art Facilitator. She is from India. She is very excited to be in London, and be a part of such a wonderful cohort of partners and students here at London Business School. She is looking forward to co-organize events for partners at LBS. She loves to interact with people from different demographics. Her interests are walking, photography, learning guitar, and paying visits to artworks housed at various art museums and galleries. 
Carolina Vergara

Carolina is from Chile, she is a medical doctor specialized in Anaesthesia and she works in a public hospital in her country. Since July she is living in London with her husband Chi Wui MBA 2020. She loves traveling and cooking, especially the pastry. Also, she plays volleyball and practices running. An enthusiastic of brunches, coffees, and new restaurants, she is going to share tips and events through the Social Media committee.



Valeria Díaz

Valeria is a Chilean industrial engineer who used to work on a website company. After a couple of months working remotely, she found out she wanted to live in London discovering everything she could, meeting new people and friends! She loves to travel, play sports and cook, a new skill in her CV because as an engineer she had never known this quality before =). Since moving to London she has been babysitting and coaching children's rugby on Saturdays and, when she has time, try every brunch or coffee she can, as well as free events throughout the city. She'll love to share you some tips and events while you are in London... that is why she is helping us as the Social Media and Content Manager!