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2020 Partners Club ExCo

Brenda, Chang Hang-Jung

Brenda was born and raised in Taiwan, and has worked in a start-up company as business development role to lead the product and corporate expansion strategy in Asia. 
She loves London so much, it's where she met her partner during the master degree of Fashion Marketing. Coming back with her husband who is MBA2021 candidate, they are so excited to make new friends and explore new things with everyone. She is more than happy to share her life in London with you.

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Himanshu Gupta

Himanshu is from New Delhi, India. He moved to London to give himself a chance to experience the west as well as support his wife, who is a MBA2021 student at LBS.
He has wide variety of professional experience in scaling up tech startups and wore multiple hats in his career including pursuing his passion in interior design and real estate. Other than work, he loves to cook, play, hike and travel.
As Co-President, Partners Club, he is keen to help accompanying partners settle down in London and feel at ease. Feel free to reach out to him for any career/job related queries.

Communications VP 
Ramona Bansal

Ramona is originally from Toronto, Canada but has lived in London on-and-off for over 7 years.
She was previously a management consultant at Deloitte but recently decided to do a career change and is now studying Interior Design at KLC School of Design in Chelsea.
Ramona’s partner, Ari, is in the MBA 2021 programme and they were both living in the Maldives for a few years before moving back to London for school. She loves art, travelling, cooking/eating, pilates and spinning (particularly Soul Cycle).

Content Manager VP 
Shilpa Sharma

Shilpa is originally from India and worked as a Marketing Professional before moving to London with her husband Vikram Shankar, LBS MBA2021.
She loves to cook and host people for delectable home cooked Indian food. Currently, she is working on marketing consulting projects, while exploring the breath-taking city of London and some of the finest neighbouring European countries. She is a patient listener and loves to try new things, from food to drinks to random workshops or movies. If you ever need someone to talk to or randomly hang-out with, Shilpa could prove to be a good company!

Career Events Organiser VP 
Barak Sas

Barak, originally from Israel, is an automotive industry professional who relocated to London with his wife Alona Binun Sas, an MBA2021 candidate, and their baby daughter Leah.
Barak is an MBA graduate from the Tel-Aviv University, and he now works in a mobility startup based in London.
Barak loves a good football game, preferably with beer, and is loving every moment in London. He is on the LBS partners career team and is ready to help you with your job search, sharing advise from his experience.

Family Club Manager VP
Ayako Noda

Ayako is from Tokyo, Japan and works as a legal manager for a renewable energy EPC back home.
She is now on a leave to accompany her husband Sho, MBA2020. In London, she is so far a full time mother of a baby girl and pursuing online masters in law.
She loves reading, walking, eating and playing with kids and is very excited to be in London, the home of Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot and Harry Potter. English being her foreign language, she wants to support Non-English speaking partners to feel welcomed in the partner community.