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Congratulations to the thirteen London Business School MBA students selected to participate in the 2015-2016 Programme in Luxury Management.

Mark Henderson, chair of the Programme and the selection panel, said: "It was inspirational interviewing the LBS students. A terrific group of contenders and very interesting that already some are specifically citing the Walpole course as being a reason for choosing LBS – a great opportunity for us to build a really powerful idea that could have an extremely positive impact for Walpole, its members and LBS."

The successful students are:

Amanda Dargan
Chris Greenwood
Christy Holzer
Courtney Carlsson
Ed Thomson-Glover
Erika Bruzzone
Katie Wadsworth
Marie-Noelle Ziegels
Meghana Gandhi
Meredith Estren
Patricia Pennacchio Mendes Garcia
Sabine El Najjar
Sangeetha Govinda Rajoo