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The Retail & Luxury Goods Club at London Business School has grown to become one of the most dynamic clubs on campus, with over 4,500 members including current students and alumni. We aim to provide our members with industry knowledge, career planning, networking opportunities and plant the seeds for entrepreneurial opportunities in the retail & luxury goods sectors. To achieve this, the club hosts a variety of on and off-campus events with some of the world’s most successful retail and luxury goods companies, organizes professional treks and helps students find mentors. We’ve worked closely with the likes of LVMH, Kering, Yoox Net-a-Porter, Inditex, and many more.









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Our Team

Max Moellhoff
Officer - Conference
Ken Myoi
Officer - London Treks
Luis Cueto Serrano
Other Officer
Camille Bouscasse Bouscasse
Other Officer
Astrid Baray Chavez
Other Officer
Alexia Khodari
Other Officer
Anya Markitanova
Other Officer
Niklas Vater
Other Officer
Niki Puri
Officer - London Activities
Mandy Zhang
Officer - Social
Clemence Gramond
Officer - Entrepreneurship
Virginia Panza
Other Officer
Ludovica Brizioli
Other Officer
Lottie Kingdon
Other Officer
Emma Johnstone
Officer - London Activities
Maia Sasania
VP - Entrepreneurship
Olivia Stanley
Other Officer
Greena Ng
Other Officer
Maha Kabir
Other Officer
Pei-Yu Shih
Other Officer
Abby Jones
Other Officer
Ria Singh
Other Officer
Adhiraj Chand
Other Officer
Claudia Biffi Aguado
Officer - Communications
Rachel Dixon
Officer - Communications
Sadhvi Sabharwal
Other Officer
Erin Hollingshead
VP - Alumni & Careers
Vidhan Bansal
VP Sustainability
Akhil Shukla
VP - Conference Logistics
Natali Krykova
VP - Comms & Marketing
Maddie Forman
Officer - Conference
Harriet Scriven
Officer - Treasury & Sponsorship
Jenna Pace
Officer - London Activities
Maria Yamaguchi
Officer - Conference
Maggie Wieland
Officer - Treasury & Sponsorship
Justine Goldberg
Officer - Pitch Your Own Trek
Alisei Apollonio
VP London Activities
Alyona Segline
Faculty/Staff Advisor