Club Leadership Selection

Student experience at LBS is driven by our clubs and our clubs are as good as the leaders behind them.

Club Leadership Model

Clubs generally undertake two rounds of leadership selection - Executive Team assembly in the AUT term and President elections in the SUM term.

Executive Teams - Clubs live or die by their Executive teams, and for individuals on those Executive teams, this is the best way to make a mark on the fabric of LBS life. Each club has its own operating model, meaning that it has a variety of different roles tailored to that club's needs. Most clubs select their Executive Teams via selection by interview. Executive Team assembly occurs during Sep-Oct each year.

Club Presidents - Club Presidents (and usually Treasurers) are elected by the membership of the club during SUM term for the upcoming academic year. Club Presidents must be current students during their term of office and as such are typically students on two-year programmes.

Club Election Process

Whilst elections will be conducted by each club and the process may differ from one club to another, the following mandatory rules apply:

- All clubs to open nominations to all members for leadership roles
 - Roles to be elected include 1x President or 2x Co-Presidents + 1x Treasurer (optional - can be done fall semester) -- joint nominations are allowed
 - Contested roles will be opened for voting, in which all club members, including alumni, are eligible to vote
 - To prevent spamming, NO mass communication of any form (email, facebook post, etc) addressed to significant number of audience (>10) is allowed. This includes addressing lecture theaters during classes.

These rules are the same across the clubs under the SA's purview. Please see the SA Elections page for detailed campaign guidelines.

Calls for nomination will be opened by each club according its own schedule. Please contact your club's Presidents for details on the application process.

Club elections will follow the SA Election Guideline. Details for how to run elections on Campus Group can also be found below:
 - Election Guidelines
 - How to set up a voting form on Campus Groups?

Please contact the Sports & Clubs Reps for any questions regarding club elections. We wish you all the best with your campaign!

Your Sports & Clubs Reps