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    Your SA Executive Committee

The SA Committee is an elected body of students from across the School´s academics programmes that comprise the governing body for the student community.

The committee meets weekly on Tuesday mornings between 11:15-12:30 during term to manage the Association's many activities, discuss current issues facing the student body and explore ways of improving student life on campus. The committee administers the student clubs budget, organises campus-wide events and initiatives, and disseminates information from the senior members of staff to the student community.

The Student Association Executive Committee is at your service. Please share any thoughts, ideas or concerns with the relevant Executive Committee member:


Senior Officers 2018-19

Evan Connell

Gajan Yogeswaran

Student Advocate Officer
Alex Zborowski
Returning Officer
Claire Murphy
PR & Communications Officer
Prachi Agrawal
Sports & Clubs Officer
Academic & Ethics Officer
Dan Grabiner
Alumni Officer
Bhavik Vora

Incoming Students Representative
Jeanette Ip Smerin

Campus Operations Officer
Akshay Garg

Sponsorship Officer
Eliska Mallickova

Careers Officer
Sara Bagby

Social Affairs Officer
Hilary Peltz



Junior Officers Reps 2018-19

 Interviews will be held in September 2018 to fill the following positions:

  • Chief of Staff
  • Junior Social Officer (x2)
  • Junior Treasurer (x4)
  • Junior Sports and Clubs Officer (x2)
  • Junior Operations Officer (x2)
  • Junior PR & Communications Officer
  • Junior Incoming Students Officer
  • Junior Sponsorship Officer

Programme Reps 2018-19

 Elections will be held in September 2018 to fill the following positions:

  • MIM Programme Rep
  • MFA Programme Rep
  • MIF Full Time Programme Rep
  • MIF Part Time Programme Rep
  • EMBA London Rep
  • PhD Rep