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We aim to continuously enhance the LBS Student Experience in order to maintain our diverse, engaged and vibrant community


Upcoming Events


Key Events

Each year, the SA brings the LBS community together through the biggest and most exciting events on and off campus. From the display of diversity at Tattoo to the thrilling competition at MBAT, SA events provide something for everyone

  1. Sept

    Welcome Series

    Range of events to welcome you to LBS and to get a taste of living in London

  2. Oct

    Fall Festival

    Family friendly  afternoon filled with food, drinks and activities. One final outdoor celebration before winter arrives

  3. Mar


    TATTOO is the largest, most colourful party on campus. With over 60 nationalities across all programs, each cultural club at LBS is invited to showcase the best of its culture - from food to drink, music to dancing, there is plenty of entertainment from all over the world!

  4. May


    3 days of sports competitions and festivities unite over 2,000 participants, representing more than 70 nationalities from Europe's best business schools

  5. Jul

    Summer Ball

    Summer Ball brings together students across all programs and years for one final gathering before they depart to their post-LBS adventures from all corners of the world

  6. Jul


    DisOrientation, or DisO, is a series of social events designed to celebrate the accomplishments of graduating students across all programmes

  7. ...


    Every couple of weeks on a Thursday evening, all of LBS congregates in the Nash and on the Front Lawn, to enjoy beverages, food, and some stellar conversation.


If you are interested in joining an organizing committee for a specific event or you have an idea for an event you think the LBS community will enjoy, please reach out to our Social Affairs Officer


Meet your Student Association Officers

Callan Carvey
SA President
Shahil Sawjani
Student Advocate Officer
Cori Boyce
Careers Officer
Michael Collar
EMBA Representative
Erika Hansen
Senior Sports & Clubs Officer
Keynen Moore
Senior Social Affairs Officer
Rahul Sinha
Senior Campus Operations Officer
Suzie Waller
Senior Incoming Students Officer
Eddie Yanez
EMBA Representative
Anna Warm
Senior Social Co-chair


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