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    Introduction to Student Clubs

Student Clubs

Student Clubs are the heart and soul of London Business School student experience. An integral part of the SA, our 75+ Clubs provide a vibrant, collective and fun community to suit the needs of our diverse and international student body. Whether you are interested in career, cultural or sports clubs, there is always more going on than you could ever have time for. Clubs provide students with an opportunity to explore areas of interest and provide important networks to alumni and the wider community. The student experience would be incomplete without the incredible services these clubs provide. 

Student Clubs also provide important leadership opportunities within the school community. Club leaders willingly devote a lot of time and energy to the school community in a way that visibly enhances the experience of every student at the school.

We thank the leaders of these clubs for the countless hours they have already invested to make your experience great, and look forward to a successful year ahead.

A summary page for LBS Student Clubs is here. If you have any questions about a specific club, you can find contact information on their individual websites.

Regional Clubs (21)   Professional Interest Clubs (25)
Africa Club
  Automotive Club
Asia Club   Business & Government Club
Australia New Zealand Club   Commodities Club
Brazil Club
  Consulting Club
Central and Eastern Europe Club   Emerging Markets Club
China Club   Energy Club
French Club   Entrepreneurship Club
Germany, Switzerland & Austria Club   Family Business Club
Hellenic Club   Finance Club
India Club
  Healthcare Club
Israel Club
  Impact Consulting Club
Italian Club   Industry Club
Japan Club   Infrastructure and Construction Club
Korea Club   Investment Management Club
LatAm Club   Design & Innovation Club
Middle East Club   Tech & Media Club
Nordic Club   Marketing Club
North American Club   Military in Business Club
Portugal Club   Net Impact
Russian Club   Private Equity & Venture Capital Club
Spanish Club   Real Estate Club
    Retail & Luxury Goods Club
    Sports Business Club
    Turnaround Management and Restructuring Club
    Women in Business Club
Sports Clubs (18)   Social Clubs (13)
Badminton Club   Acting & Creative Communications Club
Basketball Club   Art Connection
Cricket Club   Board Games Club
Cycling Club   Expedition Club
Football Club-Men   Film Club
Golf Club
  Music Club
Men’s Rugby Club   Out in Business Club
Running Club   Partners Club
Sailing Club   Photography Club
Salsa Club   Debate & Public Speaking Club
Snow Club   Poker Club
Softball Club   Volunteers Club
Squash Club   Wine & Spirits Club
Swimming Club    
Tennis Club    
Volleyball Club    
Women’s Football Club    
Women’s Touch Rugby Club