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The SA is trying to make your life easier on campus and is working with IT to provide you with useful software. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please e-mail us at



think-cell is an add-in to power point that helps to create advanced power point slides easily and efficiently. It contains an Excel add-in, and integrates seamlessly with PowerPoint, helping you to visualize complex charts, such as waterfalls, Marimekkos and Gantts. It is also capable of generating auto-updating agenda slides easily and effectively.

think-cell presentation software is used extensively at leading consulting companies and investment banks. We are pleased to give you the opportunity to use the software to make professional looking presentations while at school, and to practice your presentation-making skills before you embark on your post-LBS career.

More detailed information about the software can be found on the think-cell website.

Eligibility and End User Agreement:

By using think-cell which is licensed to London Business School you herby agree to the terms and
conditions stipulated below and the full license details by the below link:-

1. think-cell is for “Academic” and “Non-profit” use only and registered for use by current
students, staff & Faculty of London Business School only
2. Under no circumstances is think-cell to be copied, modified, rented, sold or distributed
3. The license key provided is not for distribution or use by anyone apart from current London
Business School students, staff & Faculty
4. Upon graduation and roll-over to Alumni status you are required to uninstall Think-cell
5. Under the terms and conditions of the Think-cell license agreement provided to London
Business School Alumni are “not” authorised to use this license
6. London Business School and think-cell reserve the right to withdraw access at anytime
7. The software is installed by YOU at YOUR own risk
8. You are able to receive free written technical support regarding the software from think-cell.
Support requests can be emailed to think-cell sales via
9. think-cell operations provides think-cell updates that are virus free however London
Business School strongly recommends you use an Antivirus software product and ensure it is
kept up to date in any circumstances
10. The license is only valid for six months from the date issued and London Business school will
review the license agreement with think-cell however a renewed license is not guaranteed
11. London Business School is not responsible for delays with renewing the license agreement
and issuing of registration keys
12. London Business School or think-cell will not be held liable for any faults experienced on
devices where the software is installed


If you agree to the usage agreement, please click below to download think-cell chart or to receive an updated key: