Overview of School Awards

The Student Activities Team and Student Association run a number of awards throughout the academic year to ensure that we celebrate and recgonise students who go the extra mile. In order to do this we need to hear your stories - please get involved and put forward your fellow students when nominations open.

The Student Association and Student Activities team run three main student awards:

1. Bain & Company Student Impact Award
2. Club Award
3. Graduating Student Award

Bain & Company Student Impact Award Club Award Graduating Student Award


Terms 1 and 2




Students over an academic year who have made an exceptional contribution to the campus community

Club which has consistently demonstrated how they have helped the School achieve its objectives

Students who have had a profound impact on the School across their whole degreee programme


Whole school community can nominate. Winner decided by Student Association committee and Bain & Company

Whole school community can nominate. Winner decided by Student Activities team

Whole school community can nominate. Winner decided upon by a judging panel that inclues all Programme Directors

Nominations due

Nominations in December and April

Nominations in December, April, June

Nominations open in April, Deadline May.

Decisions on Winners

December, April

December, April, July

Early June


Finalists have private dinner at the Dean's House. Winner receives £2,000 cash prize.

Club & president name inscribed on award plaque in Cafe T

Recognition in front of graduating class at Congregation Speaker event

Ceremony Celebration

February, May

December, April, July