KKR Capstone/Credit Turnaround Case Study Presentation and Networking

by Turnaround Management and Restructuring Club

Corporate Presentation Turnaround

Mon, 23 Apr 2018

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM (GMT+1)

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Sussex Place

26 Sussex Pl, Marylebone, London, NW1 4SA, United Kingdom

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Turnaround Management and Restructuring Club is pleased to have KKR Capstone and KKR Credit to present a case study and give students a chance to experience a practical real example of the work.

About KKR Capstone and KKR Credit:
KKR Capstone is an integral part of the overall firm’s approach to value creation. KKR Capstone’s core mission is to create value for all of our stakeholders by identifying and delivering sustainable operational performance within KKR portfolio companies. As of December 31, 2017, KKR Capstone is a team of more than 50 full-time operating professionals dedicated to supporting KKR deal teams and portfolio companies. It is one of the largest and most experienced operations firms within the alternative investment community. With offices in the Americas, Asia and Europe, KKR Capstone has the capacity, capability, and scale to support complex, global businesses.

KKR’s Credit platform has a combination of characteristics that allows us to offer clients a diverse range of investment solutions and to deliver strong investment performance. The KKR Credit platform is composed of the Marketable Securities Division and the Alternative Investments Division. This platform offers clients a broad range of active investment strategies globally, that represent a wide range of risk/return and liquidity profiles.

About Presentation and Networking:
Juan de Ochoa (Managing Director of KKR Capstone) and Ahmed Khan (Principal of KKR Credit) will talk to you about turnaround management and restructuring, drawing from their extensive turnaround and restructuring experience across a variety of sectors. They will take you through a process of turning a company around and adding value to a business. 

Juan de Ochoa currently serves as co-Head of KKR Capstone EMEA. Also, he is a member of KKR’s EMEA Portfolio Management Committee.

Ahmed Khan joined KKR in 2016, focusing on the Special Situations funds and portfolios.

About application requirements:
Due to the limited number of available seats, we would like to take the screening. Please answer two questions by EOD March 10, Saturday:
(1)    Why are you interested in this event?
(2)    What questions would you like to ask KKR Capstone/Credit?
We will promote those who will be allocated seats on March 13, Tuesday.

About attendance policy:
Also, we will apply the club event attendance policy – if a club member registers for an event but fails to either (i) attend the event, or (ii) cancel their registration at least 24 hours prior to the commencement of the event, you will be limited to attend future events.

See you there!
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Sussex Place

26 Sussex Pl, Marylebone, London, NW1 4SA, United Kingdom

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Turnaround Management and Restructuring Club

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