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    Our mission is to stir conversation around the most exciting sector - Travel and Hospitality at London Business School.

    We will be discussing the latest trends, news, events and careers in the Travel and Hospitality sector including Travel Tech!

    Our main objectives are:

    Community  l  Entrepreneurship  l  Career Opportunities  l  Share knowledge

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Ankita Aggarwal
Nikhil Jindal
Treks Officer
Abdullah Alabdullatif
Careers Lead
Javier Solis Martinez
Events Officer
Camilo Pieschacon Godoy
Marketing and Communication Officer
Chiara Massara
Faculty/Staff Advisor
Mary Sullivan
Marketing and Communication Lead
Pranjal Saraswat
Careers Officer
Lynda Liu
Treks Lead
Michelle Lee
Student Partnerships and Treks Lead
Alyona Segline
Faculty/Staff Advisor
David Morris
Faculty/Staff Advisor
Francisco Keller Sarmiento
Careers Lead
Gaby Wu
Events Lead
Coral Kratenstein