From: Future of Mobility Club
Date: January 12
Subject: 📣 Future of Mobility Newsletter #21 📣

Newsletter #21 - Future of Mobility Club

🎉 Happy New Year and welcome to our first 2021 newsletter!

🗓 Today's newsletter offers an overview of the mobility sector with: a podcast on connected vehicles, an article on hydrogen planes, and events about the future of micromobility. Techcrunch article on how four european cities are embracing micromobility is worth a read.

🏆 Player of the month
Julien Trost, Co-President of the club, published an article on Medium in which he explains "How last-mile delivery is (also) driving the change of urban mobility" - check it out !

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We are back with an event on Skydrive, the start flying-car startup! Our guest speaker is Mr. Tomohiro Fukuzawa CEO of the company. SkyDrive is a start-up for development, manufacturing, sales of the “Flying cars”. They raised $37m last September.

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Check out our newest section at the end of this email - Jobs to be done, it will gather exciting opportunities in the mobility space that fit with the profile of LBS students and alumni. 

The Podcast

Vehicles collect a large volume of data, but this data is not often used to its full potential. In this podcast, Asaf Weisbrot Chief Commercial Officer at Otonomo, gives practical examples concerning how this data can be employed to improve safety and efficiency within various areas of the mobility industry. 

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Top news

✈️ Is the time now ripe for planes to run on hydrogen? 

Aviation is under pressure to curb carbon-dioxide emissions by burning less kerosene. And talk of building hydrogen-manufacturing-and-delivery infrastructure for other purposes, such as heating and ground transport, is getting serious, meaning that hydrogen might become available as a commodity, rather than having to be made specially.

The balance of advantage may thus be shifting. So a few brave souls are looking once again at the idea of hydrogen-powered flight.

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🍏 Hyundai's value surges by $9bn amid reports of Apple electric car deal

"Apple and Hyundai are in discussions but they are at an early stage and nothing has been decided," it said in a statement which was later revised. Hyundai's value shot up $9bn (£6.5bn) after the Apple announcement.

While an updated statement said it was talking to a number of companies about a possible electric car tie-up including Apple, a later version omitted the US tech firm.

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🌇 How four European cities are embracing micromobility to drive out cars

The coronavirus pandemic is acting as a catalyst for urban transformation across Europe.

Micromobility and local commerce are being seen as both short and long-term solutions for urban revival in a number of cases. This article run down key policy developments in four major cities, Paris, Barcelona, London and Milan, which — at varying speeds — are pushing to rethink and reclaim streets for feet and two wheels.

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🔋 What is up with Tesla's Value? 📈

The last year showed that the connection between the stock market and the economy is imprecise at best. Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas rates Tesla stock at Buy. Last Wednesday he increased his price target on shares to $810, the highest mark on Wall Street, from $540. Hitting $810 would make Tesla stock, by one measure, worth just under $1 trillion dollars.  

Tesla’s historical market cap tops the 9 largest automakers combined (Volkswagen, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, GM, Ford, Honda, Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot).

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Mobility's calendar

Micro-Mobility in 2021 – What to Expect? What to Resist? 12/01

Shared micro-mobility is rapidly changing the transport offer in cities across Europe and many parts of the world. The challenges of 2020 have led to further innovation within the industry and the coming years will hopefully see these modes fully embedded in the set of transport choices in our cities.

Looking to 2021 what should we as innovators, city leaders and policy experts expect and encourage? Furthermore, what is it that we need to resist in order that this exciting mobility opportunity is not lost?

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Are we about to experience a scooter revolution? - 21/01

Cities across Europe are turning to shared bike and scooter operators to help get their citizens moving once again — without getting too close to one another.
Some think this a big step towards more sustainable transport catching on. Others aren’t so sure about these micromobility companies’ ‘green’ credentials.

This webinar discuss what kind of behavioural change cities are witnessing, dig into just how sustainable these forms of transport are and ask, what’s better: bikes — or scooters?

Speakers: Fredrik Hjelm, founder, Voi - Emily Brooke, founder, Beryl - James Padden, head of future roads technology, Department for Transport (DfT), UK.

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Micromobility World - 27, 28 & 29 January

The current crisis has reshaped how people navigate their communities on a global scale. Amid the upheaval, micromobility has emerged as the safest, most sustainable way to get everyone moving again. But challenges remain. Our transportation systems must be rebuilt to prioritize order over chaos, climate over pollution, small over large, and people over machines. 

Join vetted startups, transportation leaders, and original thinkers to examine this real-time transportation revolution over three days of concise, focused programming, including:

  • 2500+ participants
  • 50+ speakers and experts
  • 25+ panels, keynotes, and VIP workshops

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Jobs to be done

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Club's upcoming events


Meet the star Flying-car startup Skydrive!!! - Speaker event with Tomo Fukuzawa @ Skydrive CEO

Wednesday, January 13
11:15am - 12:15pm
Private Location (rsvp to display)
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Everyone drive in the sky freely. The future is now. Develop "flying car" from Japan.

We are excited to invite Mr. Tomohiro Fukuzawa CEO of SkyDrive, the manned drone mobility startup from Japan.

Tomohiro CEO worked at Toyota Motor Co. for global procurement of car parts and won the Cost improvement prize by Toyota production method in over 100 production fields. After establishing a management consultant company for the manufacturing industry in 2017, he improved the business for more than 20 companies.
With the passion of connecting dreams to the next generation through mobility, he joined and became Co-representative Director of CARTIVATOR in 2014. For further acceleration of flying car development, Tomohiro established SkyDrive Inc. in 2018.