From: Retail & Luxury Goods Club
Date: September 6, 2010
Subject: Retail & Luxury Goods Club: London Fashion Week tickets

London Fashion Week is a highlight of the fashion calendar in London.  It is also a major driving force of creativity, energy and design in the fashion world worldwide (

The Retail and Luxury Goods Club have secured a few, coveted tickets to the upcoming London Fashion Week (Saturday, September 18).  We won't have enough tickets for everyone that is interested, so please email Cheryl ( a short answer to the following questions and we'll select the best answers for the tickets!  

Question: If you were to organise your ideal Retail & Luxury Goods Club event, what would it be?  Who would be speaking, where would this event be held, what would the topic of the event be?  What contacts do you have in the industry to make this event happen?   

Ticket winners will be emailed on September 12, so please get your responses in by Friday, September 10!

Looking forward to kicking-off the school year with a great show! 


Kindest regards,

Retail & Luxury Goods Club