From: Retail & Luxury Goods Club
Date: May 24, 2012
Subject: Announcing the 2012/2013 R&LG Leadership

This year has been a transformative one for the Retail & Luxury Goods Club, with a membership that has grown from 800 to 1,900; presentations from some of the industry's most influential executives; our new partnership between LBS and Walpole; and the trialling of a luxury exchange programme with HEC (which we can assure you is excellent - but more of that in another email).

We are therefore pleased to announce such a strong and passionate (and uncontested) leadership team for the 2012-2013 academic year:

Simone Biccari (MBA2013)

Serena Kohli (MBA2013)

Together, Simone and Serena bring strong backgrounds in consulting and banking - with substantial professional exposure to a number of top flight luxury brands, including LVMH, Ralph Lauren, Zegna, Moncler, Diesel, and Bulgari, amongst others.  

We have every expectation that they will pull together a dynamic executive committee for next year and lead the Club on to bigger and better initiatives to support the LBS community aspiring to enter and build their careers in and around the retail and luxury goods space, including

We will now enter a period of collaboration to facilitate a smooth transition between this year's and next year's leadership teams, with the full transition completed by the end of the summer term.

Please join us in offering Simone and Serena hearty congratulations on their new roles.

The R&LG Executive Committee

  • LBS - Walpole Luxury Innovation Competition -- Entry Form.doc
  • Stage One FAQ.pdf
  • Innovation in Luxury Competition Rules.pdf