From: Retail & Luxury Goods Club
Date: October 29, 2011
Subject: Introducing the Retail & Luxury Goods Club Executive Committee, 2011-12

Dear R&LG Members,

We are pleased to announce the newly appointed officers of the Retail & Luxury Goods Club Executive Committee:

Eleonora Bacso, MBA2013
Simone Biccari, MBA2013
Vivienne Jia Jin, MBA2013
Serena Kohli, MBA2013
Jimmy Maldonado, MiM2012
Alberta Marimba, EMBAJ2012
Ashleigh McDougall, MBA2013
Tomoyoshi Oguri, MBA2013
Kevin Stansfield, MBA2013
Feifei Zhu, MBA2013
Ben Zingraff, MiFFT2012

These fine people will be joining the current officers of the Executive Committee to ensure the year takes shape the way you want it to:

Peter Lewin, MBA2012, co-President
Tristan Vanhegan, MBA2012, co-President
Jessica Julmy, MBA2012
Alexandra Westberg, MBA2012
Lynn Zovighian, MBA2012

Please join us in offering congratulations to them.

All the best,
The R&LG Executive Committee