From: Future of Mobility Club
Date: February 23
Subject: 💥 Job Opportunities x Perseverance x Uber - FoM Newsletter #24

Newsletter #24 - Future of Mobility Club

🛑 Dear mobility enthusiasts, as we are looking at the future of mobility, I hope you've followed Perseverance's landing on Mars - follow its mission on NASA's website. Coming back to Earth, we focus today on the future of the gig economy, hydrogen technologies and the auto-revolution (old regime = traditional automakers; tech-companies = revolutionaries). Enjoy!

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- BCG x Automotive -  Only 6 years after finishing his MBA, Jeet Brahmandam became partner at BCG Detroit. He will talk about the transformation of the automotive sector. 
Tech x Autonomous Vehicles - Arbe Robotics, an Israeli radar solution company, will come to talk about the current state and the future of autonomous vehicles.

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Benedict Evans and Horace Dediu on Micromobility’s Power to Disrupt

Great video to learn about the perspective of a Benedict Evans (former a16z) on the micromobility's power to disrupt, the impact of lockdown on habits, and lithium batteries. Listen to it while doing your mails, take notes if you're preparing an interview. 

Watch here

Top news & reports

👩‍⚖️ Uber judgment is set to reshape the gig economy 

The UK Supreme Court dismissed an appeal by the taxi booking app against a lower court’s judgment that its drivers should be classified as “workers” rather than self-employed. 

The decision strikes not only at the heart of the company’s business model but the gig economy generally.

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💥 The Auto Revolution Is Here

Traditional automakers are starting to catch-up on tech-focused companies. The race has officiallys started. From Tesla, Audi, GM, Renault, Lucid Motors, which brand will you choose to be your future vehicle (if any!). 

Great discussion between Tech and Automotive experts of the New York Times.

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🚚US-delivery company goPuff comes to disrupt the UK market

Launched late last year, Fancy currently operates in four cities in the U.K. and is a graduate of the Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator. 

GoPuff, valued $3.9bn, might want to prevent European new delivery players (Cajoo, Weezy, Getir..) of growing too fast as they were all inspired by goPuff’s vertically integrated model sprouting.

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👨‍🔬 Hydrogen + E-scooters = the future of propulsion technology

Hydrogen is regarded by many as the future of propulsion technology. The first hydrogen-powered cars are already in action on German roads.

In the case of e-scooters, however, it is more complicated but not impossible. 

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🇨🇳 Why China’s Didi can succeed where Uber has struggled

You know this conversation about Uber, in which you friend tells you that they are not profitable (explore).  Well, to glimpse the future of the ride-hailing business, look east. 
The Economist explores Uber's failure in Asia at the expense of Didi's success. 

Must read of the week.

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Mobility's event

Co-Innovating the Future of Transportation in a Post-Pandemic Era - 24th February

Learn how to identify challenges and opportunities that will impact the future of the transportation industry and the way we work & learn.

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Hybrid electric vehicle innovation
Virtual Summit - 10 webinars - 2 days

This virtual summit will bring together the world’s leading experts to help you understand the technologies and trends that are shaping the evolution of the HEV.

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Jobs to be done

Club's upcoming events (coming soon)


NEW DATE! Speaker Event with Jeet Brahmandam, Partner at BCG!

Monday, March 15
7:00pm - 8:00pm
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Dear Future of Mobility Members,

The Future of Mobility Club and the Consulting Club are proud to welcome Jeet Brahmandam, Partner at BCG.

Jeet is a Partner in the Detroit office and a core member of the Automotive & Mobility Practice. He has led multiple projects focused on strategy, connectivity and product creation across OEMs.

He has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Jeet is the Recruiting Partner and Diversity & Inclusion lead. Prior to joining BCG, he spent eight years in the automotive industry.

Jeet will talk about his views on the future for auto manufacturers, key trends and what is top of minds for his clients. He will also touch upon recent engagements and how BCG is supporting their clients to transform their business and tackle present and upcoming challenges.

Furthermore, Jeet will discuss summer and full-time opportunities at BCG in the US and globally, and will share some tips on how to improve your chances of breaking into BCG and the Automotive and Mobility Practice.

Hope to see you (virtually) there!

Your Future of Mobility ExCo