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MHAW: Psychedelics - Game Changer in Mental Health?

by Wellbeing Club

Speaker Event Mental Health

Tue, May 18, 2021

7 PM – 8 PM (GMT+1)

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Have you ever heard of psychedelics? Did you know that they have potential for treating mental health disorders?

We will discuss all you need to know about how psychedelics relate to mental health, market landscape and innovative solutions in the space. We will debunk myths about how you lose your mind and explore legality issues. Our panelists represent various industries that provide access to the space through technology, venture capital, and psydelics-assisted legal retreats.

  1. The Conscious Fund invests in global early-stage ventures in psychedelic medicine, helping deliver better outcomes for mental health, addiction, and pain.
  2. MycoMeditations provide integrated psilocybin-assisted legal retreats.
  3. Lumenate uses technology to induce an altered state of consciousness between that of deep meditation and classic psychedelics.