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Welcome to the LBS Women's Touch Rugby Club

We are a group of awesome LBS women who come together for a little sport and a lotta fun!

WTRC is the BEST club on campus. We embrace good sport, strong community, and achievement on and off the pitch. We offer an awesome balance of athletic, social, alumni and careers events for our members. Below is a snapshot of our activities:

> Three practices a week in Regent's park (fitness, drills and scrimmages)
> DUKE trek and World MBA Rugby Tournament (ask is the best trek at LBS...)
> Fall ladies away weekend
> Games against other MBAs (Cambridge, Oxford, etc.)
> Tons of socials (pub golf, mini golf, holiday rugtastic Saturday, prom, frequent brunches, etc.)
> Alumni events and tournaments
> Fitness studio classes
> Career prep (1:1 interview prep, coaching sessions, mentor program)
> Spring league
> MBAT (Paris trek)

It's easy to join and prior touch rugby experience is COMPLETELY not required. Whether you decide to play (which we would love) or join as a social member, we are so excited to have you as part of WTRC for the 2018-2019 season!


There are three key tenets that drive our amazing club:

1. Inclusion
This is a club for both athletes and women who have never played a team sport (or any sport) in their lives! We actively seek to create a diverse community of MiM, MBA, MFA, EMBAL, MIFT, etc., students and partners. We also have a social membership option available for those ladies who want to be involved outside of playing activities. There is no "typical WTRC woman." This is a club about forming deep relationships during and well beyond your time at LBS.

2. Achievement
We are achievers! We currently hold the title of World MBA Touch Rugby champs and have for the last two years! We are looking to achieve that title again in the 2018-2019 season. We practise three times per week (fitness, drills and scrimmage days) and we build a team of champions from a group of women who have probably never played touch rugby! Beyond the pitch, we offer mentoring, 1:1 interview prep sessions and alumni career advisory sessions to help our ladies achieve more in their careers. WTRC seeks to make its members successful on and off the pitch!

3. Empowerment
We want to create an empowered team of women at LBS and beyond. We offer mentoring, career prep and social activities to create a strong bond between women at LBS and beyond. We believe that playing team sports is both a bonding and empowering experience!

We hope to accomplish all of this in the 2018-2019 season, while having overwhelming amounts of FUN! Join us!!!

Much & Touch Love,
Your 2018-2019 Exec Team