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The LBS Consulting Club is one of the largest and most professional clubs on campus with over 4,800 student and alumni members and is focussed on helping students who are looking to pursue careers in consulting. 

The Club's activities include:

  • Informational events with consulting firms: each year, we host presentations, coffee chats, and networking drinks with many of the leading firms that recruit from LBS, including strategy consultants, boutiques, and full service providers. These are opportunities to learn more about consulting and to get to know the different firms as well as a chance to network with consultants and hear about their experiences
  • Training & Development: to help prepare students for their interviews with consulting firms, we offer a variety of training and development intiatives including our unique Crack-a-Case programme. Our pool of trainers (consisting of LBS peers with previous consulting experience) offer one-on-one case interview practice sessions every week throughout the main recruiting periods. We also aim to host fit training and industry info sessions to better prepare our members
  • Case competitions: we coordinate  and / or support several high profile case competitions each year, offering students a chance to develop their consulting skills and to challenge themselves by competing against teams from LBS and other leading international business schools
  • Student Perspectives Survey: we aim to create an open dialogue between our members and the consulting firms. The Student Perspectives Survey is an anonymous, objective survey that aims to gather students' opinions to better understand what they are looking for from the Club and when recruiting.

Our website is meant to help you get started in understanding what the consulting industry is all about and how to research and apply for a job in the industry. It is not comprehensive in any way, but there is a wealth of information in here that can help you to make decisions. Very little, however, compares to talking to others about their experiences and knowledge, so we encourage you to network and use your existing network to make informed decisions.

To start, take a look at the resources linked on our Consulting 101 page. We also strongly encourage you to speak to your classmates who have worked in consulting previously, to learn what their jobs are like.

If a career in consulting sounds of interest to you, look out for email invitations to students from Career Services and the Consulting Club to attend our events and presentations. These are valuable opportunities to learn about the industry and meet current firm insiders, to hear about what they do. Many of of these events will also introduce you to LBS alumni whom you can network with.

Consulting is a popular career at LBS. If you are keen to apply, it is important to start planning your interview and case interview preparation processes early. Take a look at our Applications page for a few of the more popular and helpful resources to help you start preparing for the application process. This page includes case books from various business schools and firms as well as suggested readings.

Once you start practising your case interview skills, we strongly encourage you to sign up for Consulting Club and Career Services "Crack-a-Case" practice sessions. Look out for emails to club members and first-year students respectively for details on how to sign up for these.

We hope these resources will help you make your decision and, if you apply, help you on your way to a satisfying job in consulting.

We are always keen to hear of any other firms or resources you think we should add to this website. Additionally, if you have any suggestions for a firm seminar or other event you would like to see the club offer, please contact us using the "Contact Us" page of this website.

Good luck!