Foodie Club

Celebrating the diversity of the LBS community

Establishing a club where people can share their experiences and cultures with others through food

Key Events

  1. 1

    LBS Masterchef

    Compete to show your classmates that you are the ultimate Chef!

  2. 2

    Annual Foodie Trek

    Visit the food capitals of the world and go on a gastronomic extravaganza through Basque Country and Lyon

  3. 3

    Dinners & Master Classes

    Try out some of London's best restaurants and also get your hand's dirty with LBS exclusive Master Classes

    Past Events


Upcoming Events

Foodie Club Leadership

Regina Alonso
Ayelén Daniela Barricarte
Makani Bavya
Restaurants Officer
Rachel Kellett-Clarke
Swasti Agarwal
John Butterworth
Nandini Mazumdar
Marco Napa
Sebastian Palt
Varun Pradhan
Netania Boentaram
Varun Mehra
Derrick Yap
Helena Da Cunha Couto
Miguel Jordao
David Stead
Zabeen Ahmed
Leanne Park
Sijia Hao
Vijay Narayan
Tomas Rizzo
Ayush Agrawal
Agnes Wong
Ana Hidalgo Manzano
Christina Doo
Lorraine Lu
Asha Xu
Restaurants Officer
Jovin Pizarro
Industry Officer
Filipa Pinto
Maria Trillo
Brittany Meloy
Trek Officer
Stefanie Patzke
Industry Officer