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Celebrating the diversity of the LBS community

Establishing a club where people can share their experiences and cultures with others through food

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Cristina Hurtado Lezama Profile

Cristina Hurtado Lezama

Florencia Montalbetti Schaaf Profile

Florencia Montalbetti Schaaf

Catie Dean Profile

Catie Dean

Luz Elena Bervera Profile

Luz Elena Bervera

Calvin Ooi Eng Hai Profile

Calvin Ooi Eng Hai

Maryla Ptak Profile

Maryla Ptak

Antonia Diaz Fernandez Profile

Antonia Diaz Fernandez

Mariana Couttolenc Profile

Mariana Couttolenc

Mara Stutzman Profile

Mara Stutzman

Andres Hip Profile

Andres Hip

Janusz Skipiol Profile

Janusz Skipiol

Maite Guerrero Profile

Maite Guerrero

Jonathan Quiogue Profile

Jonathan Quiogue

Blanca Fernandez Navas Profile

Blanca Fernandez Navas

Aiswarya Kishor Profile

Aiswarya Kishor

Deirdre Cleary Profile

Deirdre Cleary

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Sid Gupta

Parth Jhaveri Profile

Parth Jhaveri

Azmeen Merchant Profile

Azmeen Merchant