Japan Club

Celebrating the diversity of the LBS community

Establishing a club where people can share their experiences and cultures with others through food


Key Events

  1. 1

    LBS Masterchef

    Compete to show your classmates that you are the ultimate Chef!

  2. 2

    Annual Foodie Trek

    Visit the food capitals of the world and go on a gastronomic extravaganza through Basque Country and Lyon

  3. 3

    Dinners & Master Classes

    Try out some of London's best restaurants and also get your hand's dirty with LBS exclusive Master Classes

    Past Events


Upcoming Events


Japan Club Leadership

Kazuhiro Yamamoto
VP Communications and Web Admin
Yasu Nakajima
Japan Trek Communication
Hisateru Kumei
Japan Trek Treasurer
Kenichi Maru
Japan Trek communication
Noriaki Hyodo
Japan Trek Leader
Toshiyuki Kadowaki
Yuta Mizukami
VP Events
Satoshi Ueyama
Daichi Kondoh
VP Events
Leo Tako
VP Sponsorships
Estelle Li
VP Events
Yidan Wang
VP Events