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The Retail, Luxury and Consumer Club at London Business School has grown to become one of the most dynamic clubs on campus, with over 4,500 members including current students and alumni. We aim to provide our members with industry knowledge, career planning, networking opportunities and plant the seeds for entrepreneurial opportunities in the retail, luxury and consumer goods sectors. To achieve this, the club hosts a variety of on and off-campus events with some of the world’s most successful retail and luxury goods companies, organizes professional treks and helps students find mentors. We’ve worked closely with the likes of LVMH, Kering, Yoox Net-a-Porter, Inditex, and many more.










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Our Team

Alexander Skovbo Profile

Alexander Skovbo

Other Officer
Stefano De La Feld Profile

Stefano De La Feld

Sophie Sabbagh Profile

Sophie Sabbagh

Judy Al Profile

Judy Al

Aimilia Theodoridi Profile

Aimilia Theodoridi

Snehal Profile


Ivan Pereira Sanchez Profile

Ivan Pereira Sanchez

Officer - Conference
Shirley Dou Profile

Shirley Dou

Riley Hunzeker Profile

Riley Hunzeker

Hala Saihi Profile

Hala Saihi

Nyra Adnani Profile

Nyra Adnani

Avantika Chandak Profile

Avantika Chandak

Junki Tougo Profile

Junki Tougo

Mara Stutzman Profile

Mara Stutzman

Ria Wang Profile

Ria Wang

Estelle Capor Profile

Estelle Capor

Emma Phillips Profile

Emma Phillips

Officer - Conference
Harsha Sankar Profile

Harsha Sankar

Officer - Conference
Sharleen Gong Profile

Sharleen Gong

Officer - Conference
Blanca Fernandez Navas Profile

Blanca Fernandez Navas

Officer - Conference
Sophia Gu Profile

Sophia Gu

Officer - Conference
Amelie Koch Profile

Amelie Koch

Officer - Conference
Meg Mathile Profile

Meg Mathile

Niyomi Shah Profile

Niyomi Shah

Career Officer
Rebecca Zhou Profile

Rebecca Zhou

Clare Hyde Profile

Clare Hyde

VP Career
Javier Nunez Silva Profile

Javier Nunez Silva

VP - Conference Lead
Isabel Gonzalez Baca Profile

Isabel Gonzalez Baca

VP Events
Agathe Wallin Profile

Agathe Wallin

VP Community
Grace Kimura Profile

Grace Kimura

VP Events
Kayla Sledge Profile

Kayla Sledge

VP Events
Lahak Bablani Profile

Lahak Bablani

VP Career
Bassel Maamari Profile

Bassel Maamari

Officer - Conference
Marcella Marques De Paula Profile

Marcella Marques De Paula

Steven Brinkman Profile

Steven Brinkman

VP Community
Alex Pey Profile

Alex Pey

VP Career
Ming Cong Profile

Ming Cong

VP Career
Andres Gonzales Cesa Profile

Andres Gonzales Cesa

VP Events
Livia Greene Profile

Livia Greene

Gaby Shlasko Profile

Gaby Shlasko

VP - Treks
Alyona Segline Profile

Alyona Segline

Faculty/Staff Advisor


Retail, Luxury & Consumer Club

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