Our goal is to support the development of students in becoming socially responsible business leaders by providing educational, experiential, professional, and networking opportunities to the London Business School community. The club focuses on four main areas: impact investing, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and foundations / non-profit initiatives. We work with students, faculty, program administration, alumni, and companies to develop and promote opportunities for the integration of social values within business education and careers.









Meet our Executive Commitee

Ines Maurin Profile

Ines Maurin

Shahmeer Khatri Profile

Shahmeer Khatri

Precious Kilimo Profile

Precious Kilimo

Sophie Leong Belec Profile

Sophie Leong Belec

Jr Redmond Profile

Jr Redmond

Vasisht Sriram Profile

Vasisht Sriram

Isabela Barreiros De Coutinho Profile

Isabela Barreiros De Coutinho

Matt Coffey Profile

Matt Coffey

Amanda Lopes Langanke Profile

Amanda Lopes Langanke

Lucas Consales Pagan Profile

Lucas Consales Pagan

Sophie Levy Profile

Sophie Levy

Julia Massaro Profile

Julia Massaro

Ashita Patodia Profile

Ashita Patodia

Juanjo Nosti Meza Profile

Juanjo Nosti Meza

Michelle Abou-Raad Profile

Michelle Abou-Raad

Catie Dean Profile

Catie Dean

Anne Nguyen Profile

Anne Nguyen

Sabrina Yegela Profile

Sabrina Yegela

Colleen Pedlow Profile

Colleen Pedlow

Parkhi Gupta Profile

Parkhi Gupta

Vignesh Krishnan Profile

Vignesh Krishnan

Ted Caplan Profile

Ted Caplan

Carmen Marleen Schliesser Profile

Carmen Marleen Schliesser

Dalia Serafy Profile

Dalia Serafy

Sajni Dhamecha Profile

Sajni Dhamecha

Priya Reddy Profile

Priya Reddy

Isabel Runge Profile

Isabel Runge

José Aguilera Profile

José Aguilera

Rachel Jonckheere Profile

Rachel Jonckheere

Abby Becker Profile

Abby Becker

VP, Relationship Management
Arpit Jain Profile

Arpit Jain

Chief of Staff
Zak Vidor Staub Profile

Zak Vidor Staub

Chief of Staff
Sabrina Nasir Profile

Sabrina Nasir

Chief of Staff
Tanner Powell Profile

Tanner Powell

Career Liaison
Isidora Bravo Granadino Profile

Isidora Bravo Granadino

VP, Professional Development
Abbey Anstey-Walsh Profile

Abbey Anstey-Walsh

Career Liaison
Nadine Abdelhamid Profile

Nadine Abdelhamid

VP, Professional Development
Florencia Montalbetti Schaaf Profile

Florencia Montalbetti Schaaf

Career Liaison
Muskaan Gupta Profile

Muskaan Gupta

VP, Digital Presence
Kanan Parida Profile

Kanan Parida

VP, Programming
Alicia Colter Profile

Alicia Colter

VP, Relationship Management
Lisa Roeder Profile

Lisa Roeder

VP, Digital Presence
Amelie Koch Profile

Amelie Koch

VP, Digital Presence
Juan Francisco Velez Montoya Profile

Juan Francisco Velez Montoya

Chief of Staff
David Morris Profile

David Morris

Faculty/Staff Advisor
Lohit Kumar Das Profile

Lohit Kumar Das

VP, Relationship Management
Sanchit A. Gupta Profile

Sanchit A. Gupta

Chief of Staff
Marta Verani Profile

Marta Verani

Hung Pham Profile

Hung Pham

Eileen Rasslenberg Profile

Eileen Rasslenberg

Sandra Sim Profile

Sandra Sim

Community Building & Strategy Lead
Gabrielle Housel Profile

Gabrielle Housel

Community Building & Strategy Lead
Lena Scheifgen Profile

Lena Scheifgen

Madeleine Pollock Profile

Madeleine Pollock

Priya Patil Profile

Priya Patil

Spandana Palaypu Profile

Spandana Palaypu

Mariana Freitas Profile

Mariana Freitas

Christine Laible Profile

Christine Laible

Other Officer
Daniel Arce Profile

Daniel Arce

Aarohi Shah Profile

Aarohi Shah

Careers Lead

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