Our goal is to support the development of students in becoming socially responsible business leaders by providing educational, experiential, professional, and networking opportunities to the London Business School community. The club focuses on four main areas: impact investing, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and foundations / non-profit initiatives. We work with students, faculty, program administration, alumni, and companies to develop and promote opportunities for the integration of social values within business education and careers.

Our Team

Dhruv Shah
Imogen Box
Other Officer
Sara George
Iman Mohamed
Aakarshi Agarwal
Anant Gupta
Assad Chaudry
Alexis Brannan
Hugo Winn
Cameron Martin
Sherry Yin
Samantha Roberts
Astha Singh
Adi Rao
Andrea Diaz
Melissa Frio
Kate Taylor
Aubrey Rugo
Shaireen Moon
Keegan Flynn
Carlos Arango Quesada
Rebecca Stark
Maggie Magner
Henrique Guerreiro