Social Impact Club

Our goal is to ignite purposeful leadership at LBS by making social impact relevant for all students

Everyone has a different path, but they can all have an impact. Have you figured out how you will?


Key Events

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    Invest for Good Conference

    240+ attendees, professional and students attended on of the biggest LBS conferences in 2019. More info here

  2. 2

    Social Impact Week

    2019 was the very first Social Impact Week: a week of events to demonstrate how business can, and is, playing a crucial role in shaping societies of tomorrow. More info here

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    Student Impact Investing Fund (SIIF)

    Try out the thrill of being part of the investment process of an investment fund, by participating to MIINT competition you will have a chance to decide the next recipient of SIIF funding. More info here

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Social Impact Club Leadership

Kanupriya Rungta
Giulia Poletti de Chaurand
Pablo Almendral
Hala Sabbah
Sponsorship (2018-2019)
Giacomo Scotti
SIIF - Portfolio manager
Amanda Chuang
Career VP
Amanda Ambrogini
SIIF Co- President
Beaufort Wyatt
Careers VP
Catherine Phelps
Social Impact Conference VP
Kylie Philbin
Social Impact Week VP
Jannicke Jebsen
Sustainability VP
Tara Mooney
Sustainability VP
David Morris
Faculty/Staff Advisor