Our goal is to support the development of students in becoming socially responsible business leaders by providing educational, experiential, professional, and networking opportunities to the London Business School community. The club focuses on four main areas: impact investing, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and foundations / non-profit initiatives. We work with students, faculty, program administration, alumni, and companies to develop and promote opportunities for the integration of social values within business education and careers.

Our Team

Cameron Martin Profile

Cameron Martin

Alexis Brannan Profile

Alexis Brannan

Melissa Frio Profile

Melissa Frio

Kate Taylor Profile

Kate Taylor

Social Lead
Rebecca Stark Profile

Rebecca Stark

Astha Singh Profile

Astha Singh

Ann Nguyen Profile

Ann Nguyen

Samantha Roberts Profile

Samantha Roberts

Sherry Yin Profile

Sherry Yin

Shaireen Moon Profile

Shaireen Moon

Tom Draisey Profile

Tom Draisey

Lea Maalouf Profile

Lea Maalouf

Anant Gupta Profile

Anant Gupta

Imogen Box Profile

Imogen Box

SIIF Co-President
Dhruv Shah Profile

Dhruv Shah

SIIF Co-President
Ankush Thakkar Profile

Ankush Thakkar

SIIF Sourcing Lead
Sarah Jabrazko Profile

Sarah Jabrazko

SIIF Sourcing Lead
Anand Ganeshalingam Profile

Anand Ganeshalingam

SIIF Investments Lead
Shivangi Kumra Profile

Shivangi Kumra

SIIF Investments Lead
Moksha Bhargava Profile

Moksha Bhargava

Juan Francisco Velez Montoya Profile

Juan Francisco Velez Montoya

Chief of Staff
Sanchit A. Gupta Profile

Sanchit A. Gupta

Chief of Staff
Marta Verani Profile

Marta Verani

Hamza Hussain Profile

Hamza Hussain

Caroline Yarborough Profile

Caroline Yarborough

Patrick Cook Profile

Patrick Cook

Sahil Talaulikar Profile

Sahil Talaulikar

Jaspreet Pruthi Profile

Jaspreet Pruthi

Hung Pham Profile

Hung Pham

Eileen Rasslenberg Profile

Eileen Rasslenberg

Michelle Ip Profile

Michelle Ip

Sandra Sim Profile

Sandra Sim

Shalmoli Halder Profile

Shalmoli Halder

Shirley Zhao Profile

Shirley Zhao

Pritika Bathija Profile

Pritika Bathija

Gabrielle Housel Profile

Gabrielle Housel

Liza Faber Profile

Liza Faber

Anshula Venkataraman Profile

Anshula Venkataraman

Cedric Pearce Profile

Cedric Pearce

Vrinda Kapoor Profile

Vrinda Kapoor

Richard Wang Profile

Richard Wang

Monica Cogo Profile

Monica Cogo

Communications & Marketing
Komal Poddar Profile

Komal Poddar

Alumni Liaison
Eric Mctaggart Profile

Eric Mctaggart

Community Building & Strategy Officer
Shwetha Suresh Profile

Shwetha Suresh

Late Careers Liaison
Andrew Lee Profile

Andrew Lee

Community Building & Strategy Officer
Louis Pradere Profile

Louis Pradere

Alyona Segline Profile

Alyona Segline

Madeleine Pollock Profile

Madeleine Pollock

Christine Laible Profile

Christine Laible

Daniel Arce Profile

Daniel Arce

Nhlanzeko Khanyile Profile

Nhlanzeko Khanyile

SIIF Chief of Staff
Shivani Gautam Profile

Shivani Gautam

SIIF Chief of Staff
Nick Freund Profile

Nick Freund

Xiaorong Li Profile

Xiaorong Li

Ahmed Hafez Profile

Ahmed Hafez

SIIF Investment Team
Sam Davis Profile

Sam Davis

SIIF Investment Team
Chelsea Yang Profile

Chelsea Yang

SIIF Investment Team
Sami Walter Profile

Sami Walter

SIIF Investment Team
Zubin Mehta Profile

Zubin Mehta

SIIF Investment Team

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