Women's football club

Empowering, supporting, and celebrating women in the LBS community.


We are the third largest all women club at LBS and are centered on creating lasting memories and friendships through the sport of football. Absolutely NO experience is required to join, all levels are welcome and we look forward to teaching new members the basics of the game! There is nothing like playing the most popular sport in the world with women from around the world. From MiFs to MBAs to partners, all women from the LBS community are welcome! We are looking forward to the 2019/2020 season and can't wait to see you on and off the pitch!

Find us on Instagram @lbs_angels


  1. 1

    Weekly Practices at Regent's

    Tuesdays at 11:00. Friday at 15:00 - followed by drinks with the Demons.

  2. 2

    League Games

    One evening per week.

  3. 3

    IESE Spring Games

    Beginning of April help the Angels defend our 3 time title in Barcelona.

  4. 4

    MBAT at HEC Paris

    LBS takes Paris the beginning of May for a weekend of fun and sports. Champions in the past, we are looking to regain the #1 spot.

  5. 5

    Regular Social Events

    Pub nights, attending professional games and Demon's matches, end of season parties, and more!


Amanda Ambrogini
Rachel Collette
Maria Martina Scrocco
Beth Anne Helgason
Carolina Ortecho Osorio
Social Rep
Maya Rita El Ghossein
Social Rep
Jacinta Esperanza Silva Almarza
Social Rep