Working collaboratively across programs

Full term projects provide students with hands-on experience in leading teams and working with students across all programs on a real strategic business problem

What is a ICC term project?

A signature initiative of ICC is to work with real clients to solve their strategic business problems. Projects are led and staffed by students of all post-graduate programs at LBS. These projects typically start in fall and are 8-10 weeks in duration.

Projects are led by an experienced MBA strategy consultant with project management and team leadership experience and made up of teams of 4-6 students.

For students

A term project is a great way for you to get involved in the broader community, beyond your program at LBS, and learn more about the work consultants do. The projects provide you with the opportunity to understand how consultants structure a case and how they work with clients, all while tackling a real-life problem in 2 months.

For more information around Training and Development initiatives for students, please contact our T&D executives: Prateek Gupta & Jenny Kim

Develop new skills

Projects are a great way for you to critical business skills, develop leadership capacity and build your consulting toolkit, all through working on strategic problems with real clients

Meet new people

Projects are staffed with students across programs at LBS (Early Careers, MBA, EMBA ) and enables you to meet different members of the LBS community to widen your network

Network with our sponsors

All term project teams are mentored by current strategy consultants at Bain & Company. Bain consultants provide case training, feedback and advice on on-going projects; there are multiple touch points with a designated Bain consultant throughout the term project

For clients

Working with ICC can provide your organisation with a fresh pair of eyes on a business problem and allow experienced consultants, alongside aspiring consultants, to apply their business skills and propose innovative recommendations.

Looking for help?

All work is 100% pro-bono; we have a dedicated Business Development team who will work alongside a member of your company to establish the scope of the project and a tangible deliverable.

Visit Past Clients to learn more about our previous term projects!

Get in touch

If you would like to learn more about how working with ICC can benefit your organisation, please get in touch with our Business Development executives: Madoka Furuhashi and Moira Garcia Morales.