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Music ClubNo Donuts for Hilda is a cover rock band. We have been at the heart of many parties since 2007 and have clocked up 20.000 views on YouTube. No Donuts for Hilda currently consists of two MBA 2013 students and three alumni


There were many other members in the band over the years. We have more Donuts than Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts have flavours. We've had four previous drummers, two bass players, one guitarist, three main singers and three backup singers. So if we add it all up, we’re currently 5, plus the above 13, so 18. One day we will bring all of those people together and play a massive show.

In the past year, No Donuts for Hilda has performed at the Halloween party (2011), the YPO event (2012), MBAT (2012), multiple times at Sundowners and also at non-LBS gigs. The band will continue to play in 2012/2013.

You can book us for a party. Please write to for inquiries and bookings.

Want to see some of our performances? Please click on the following YouTube links to see some of the highlights. - Bohemian Rhapsody - MBAT 2012 - Human - Troubadour 2012 - Mr. Brightside - Sundowners 2011

Music Club

No Donuts For Hilda - that's a very unusual name - what’s the story? The story is that, back in 2002, Michal was on a tram in Vienna with his girlfriend at the time. There was a young family, mother, father and daughter in the carriage. And mum and dad were fighting over whether their daughter Hilde could have another “Krapfen”, a type of jelly donut. The Father was in favour and mum was against. And turns out that the mother won and Hilde wasn’t allowed to have another Krapfen. And Michal’s girlfriend uttered the now immortal sentence: “Kein Krapfen für Hilde” which means "no Krapfen for Hilde" in German. Michal claims to remember that he thought instantly “that’d be a great name for a rock band”. And then he forgot about it. Fast forward to 2007 - we are starting the band and try to come up with a name for ourselves. And suddenly Michal had a blast from the past and took that phrase, translated it into English and we had a winner.

Music Club

 Music Club